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    What the ****. Pat O'Brien went full Florida Man.

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    Zeal & Ardor announced for Wellington.


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    Saw that and Ithought there'd be some interest here. Can't say I'm a fan though.

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    never heard of them, checked them out.. not bad though I don't think it's for me. Quite an interesting thing to see in this thread though, in a good way

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    A little while ago they kind of had a sudden spike in popularity, at least within my Facebook metal friends circle. But I just almost feel a bit uncomfortable with the mash of genres.

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    I don't really consider it metal to be honest. But I don't wanna come across as a troll. At least I gave it a go

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    Early Bird tickets sold out in less that 12 hours

    I don't really see how you would not consider them metal, especially how broad "Metal" is

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    I didn't really give them a proper listen to be fair.

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    |icED-e@RtH| wrote:
    Yeah i like some Slayer but i'm not a big fan of them either, would rather Testament or Overkill been in the big four instead of them, same with Anthrax i like some of there stuff but not a huge fan.

    Stay away from the drugs bro, nothing good comes from them, unless its just a bit of marijuana..i'd rather stick to drinking,, but not in excessive amounts like i used to.
    Testament is meh. Too preachy. Also slight corny and the dudes voice isn't that great. Testament is an overrated band. Overkill is great though

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    I disagree on Testament, they rock, still making good metal...chuck billy's vocals a unique, he can do the death vocals good aswell and yes overkill is great, the last album "The Grinding Wheel" is brilliant.

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    So when is Emperor going to be announcing NZ dates

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    I need to give Emperor a go. I love Ihsahn's solo work, but have never really listened to Emperor.

    This for example;

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    Slave to the Grind finally released aw yis

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    Has anyone ever heard of Sojourner? Bf is touring with them and they have a couple of kiwis in the band.

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    Did anyone go to Earthless or Watain? I decided not to go but I want to see pics and pretend I did

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    I went to the Wellington Earthless gig which was amazing but no photos taken though.

    I do wish he wouldn't sing but Cherry Red was good though.

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    Incantation in NZ in June

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    Earthless was the best man, so ****ing good.

    Next bigín Iím frothing for is Bongzilla, biased as **** because my band is opening. Wellington homies, get some tickets, itís gonna rule.

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    I work with one of the guys from Arc of Ascent.

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    zephyrrrr wrote:
    I do wish he wouldn't sing but Cherry Red was good though.
    Groundhogs cover?

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    Slayer and Antrax tomorrow! woot! i bet i am likely the only asian there.. lol

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    Then Judas Priest on Saturday. Going to be a damn good weekend.

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    w0lfbrains wrote:
    Groundhogs cover?
    That's the one!

    I'm out of the country for Cult Leader & Primitive Man - shit sucks! those gigs are gonna be wild

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    Bloody wrote:
    Slayer and Antrax tomorrow! woot! i bet i am likely the only asian there.. lol
    Why? Asians don't like metal?