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    someone needs to buy gpforums off egor and do a better job of managing this site eh

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    Spam removed

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    im with nznet, naked dsl plan. ive called them 3 times to ask for interleave to be turned off, they say they will get onto it but i dont notice ANY difference, and my ping xxxx eg is still the same (50ms - 250ms). even tho im not with telecom, can i still contact them to turn it off for me? also, if i can how do i describe my location without having a landline number? will the physical address be good enuff to give them?

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    No you cannot, your ISP has to contact Telecom Wholesale on your behalf, as you're their customer, not Telecom Wholesale's.

    Chances are it hasn't happened yet. Though depending on your connection I wouldn't blindly expect to have a huge performance increase by turning interleaving off.

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    Is there an easy way to test line noise?

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    Domitian wrote:
    Orcon have taken interleaving off for ALL customers???

    It is not off by default anymore I think.

    You will need to request for it to be turned off.

    It takes about a day to complete the order to turn it off.