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    Activision Blizzard CFO fired for unspecified cause

    Right on new years eve. Ouch.

    The company did not provide a specific reason for the announcement about Chief Financial Officer Spencer Neumann but said it is “unrelated to the company’s financial reporting or disclosure controls and procedures.”

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    9.5 million remuneration for losing millions, or possibly billions, of dollars. corporates are ruining the gaming hobby/industry.

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    Corporates have ruined everything else, why not gaming as well?

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    its probably because he greenlit diablo immortal

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    AAA industry has become too bloated and greedy. We need one of the big publishers to die out to course correct the rest of them, preferably Activision or EA.

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    EvaUnit02 wrote:
    preferably Activision or EA.
    Greed flows strong in their veins, just give it time, karma will sort them out.

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    It's very unlikely that either of them die unless people stop buying their annual IP releases. They both have great cash cows that let them take a few risks and have a few failures and still be fine.