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What's the reason for the pulsing?

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Exhaust manifold design
48 55.81%
Boxer engine design
38 44.19%
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    MarksoN wrote:
    Slap a scoobi motor in it?
    Without losing HP, he said.

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    GorGasm wrote:
    911 ones wont be equal length either, but they have more cylinders so the pulsing isnt there. They still sound unique though.
    Don't they generally run dual exhausts? (on the NA models at least, NFI about how the turbo ones are configured)

    I doubt it's the engine layout that makes them sound different, look at the flat 6 foresters for example, they still sound like wrx's/legacy's.

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    Welcome, evilscotsman

    I still haven't convinced my workmate... and pretty much won't be able to as he vehemently defends his position.

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    Get a standard 4 and exhaust it up. Bit of work to prove a point, but you could turn your shitter into a rally (sounding) car

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    anyone heard the tynan drag WRX, that sounds like a buzzsaw on steroids

    pity it still can't even run a 7 yet

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    I agree Mettler, subarus running extractors sound a shit load different and even than the standard setup

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    rugby_super12 wrote:
    New sti's still have the boxer rumble u know (even that new hatchback 08 version)
    What the ****. No they don't.

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    The RS I have (99) sure as hell isn't as loud as my old 89 RS, and it's got a far larger exhaust. Pity, really.

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    Had one of those new Legacy turbo wagons drive past me yesterday at a fair rate of knots, didn't sound anything like the older shape ones at all. Actually sounded more like a high-strung inline 6 almost, aka BMW.

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    Technical thread is technical.

    edit: this topic has been discussed MANY times on the interweb, Mettler is indeed correct.

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    We don't want to feed his ego any more

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    Subies with equal length runners sound like any other 4cyl.

    Once apon a time when I was young and stupid I purchased a $50 unknown brand 4-1 header for my I4 and got the "OMG REX BR4" exhaust pulse.