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    Posting from my newly built PC for the first time.

    Build went really well. No problems at all. Took me a few hours to do it as I was taking my time and double checking the manuals to make sure I was doing everything right.

    A couple of things though. I have 4 usb slots built in to my case which are split into 2x cables. These need to be plugged in to USB30 header on the motherboard, but my motherboard only takes one of these cables. What can I do with the other 2 that don't have anywhere to plug into? There's USB1/2 slots free on the motherboard, but obviously they can't take the bigger cable. I don't realistically need these extra USB slots because there are more on the back of the PC, but I don't like things sitting there not working.

    Also can you buy individual pci-e cables? There was one that came with my power supply but it's like a daisy chain set up and looks ugly hanging in my nice tidy case.

    Stock power supply that came with the CPU is also pretty loud. Might upgrade that at some point.

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    You can get an internal 19 pin usb 3 to usb 2 adapter to get the other usb ports running albeit at usb 2 speeds.

    Is your psu modular? Anyway you can get nicer sleeves cables. Usually you can make it tidy by hiding it smartly but sometimes can be hard.

    Do u mean stock cpu cooler? What is it? U can set the speed lower in bios for normal use so it runs quieter until it needs to speed up.
    Otherwise plenty of good air cooler upgrade options like hyper 212 or bequiet brand

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    Ryzen 2600x so it's a wraith cooler? Can't remember the exact model.

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    Play with the fan profiles in BIOS, should be able to have the case fans and CPU fan run quiet when below 50 degrees etc

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    Looks like 2070 Supers are pretty good value...might see whats available this BF

    Heres what Im working with

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    When on special for $900, they are about the same bang for buck as a 5700XT (so long as the 5700XT isn't on special too). 5700XT is 6% slower @ 1440P and 9% slower @ 4k. That is comparing like for like cards, Gigabyte OC 5700XT for $849. You can get 5700XT AIB cards for $800, and reference for $730. If you want a 2070 Super, i'd be tempted by that special.

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    Hey guys, would the 1750 build be overkill for 1080p gaming?. I don't have a 1440p monitor but was just thinking along the lines of longevity the investment in the more expensive gpu would pay off in the end. Would anyone recommend any of the nvidia rtx cards at the same price point over the rx 5700 xt ? Or would I be fine with future games with the 1660 at 1080p?

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    mossimoe wrote:
    Or would I be fine with future games with the 1660 at 1080p?
    I dont think 1080p will exist in the year 3050

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    pyronical wrote:
    I dont think 1080p will exist in the year 3050

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