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    Doesn't look like they're sticking with the neo-tokyo theme and setting it in the west. It looks like Otomo will have an active part in the production so looks promising.

    Live-action ‘Akira’ in 2009
    2008.02.22 | News | by Mark Pollard

    This news has nothing to do with martial arts cinema but as a devotee of Katsuhiro Otomo’s sci-fi manga epic, AKIRA, I couldn’t pass it up. Rumors of rights to a live-action adaptation have been floating around for years but now the project has entered the fast track. Warner Bros. will soon begin production on the first of two feature films based directly off of Otomo’s six-part graphic novel series, originally published in 1982.

    Making his big screen debut, Irish filmmaker Ruairi Robinson will direct both films from scripts by fellow newcomer Gary Whitta. Otomo will act as executive producer. Those curious about Robinson’s potential as a filmmaker can check out his impressive short film, THE SILENT CITY. Another one of his short films was nominated for an Oscar and he has also directed a number of commercials.

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    akira is one of the greatest anime films EVER

    if they **** this up i am going to boycott all things hollywood.... i'll be so pissed

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    Pete the Pirate wrote:
    Could work.

    wow taken down in like a minute lol

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    oh god, please say it aint so!

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    don't **** this up please

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    I think cgi is at a level now where it's possible to make this the visual feast the movie is begging to be... I'm kinda dissapointed that they took it away from the neo tokyo scene. But I can't wait to see what they come up with in regards to the bikes, especially Kanedas bike, or at least his western equivalent.

    The link says that Leonardo DiCaprio is signed on as one of the producers. Never pegged him as a scifi geek O_o

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    Apparently Kee-nu is in talks to play Kaneda... WOOOAAAHHHH. Yes, let's have a middle-aged man playing a teenager, gg.

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    Like pretty much every single movie adaptation, I'm not holding my hopes up.

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    Holy thread dig Batman! Keanu has been rumoured for Cowboy Bebop for years so this news isnt really all that surprising.

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    Keanu and Leo rumoured? MEME OVERLOAD!!

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    Zac Efron as Kanaeda:

    Frankie Muniz as Tetsuo:

    Directed by Ridley Scott, $300,000,000 budget, effects by WETA, in 3D, etc.. Win.

    Though in reality, when it eventually comes out, it'll probably be shit. Probably.

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    Sad Keanu can pull off Spike well imo. He's def got the fact that he's just so damn cool going for him. (and then there's the dull surprise julia flashbacks)

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    GiGz wrote:
    Zac Efron as Kanaeda:

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    Lol, I came in here just to post exactly this!

    Oh lordy, I really don't want them to do this any more, they'll just **** it up.

    Oh, I agree the Keanu could pull of Spike quite well.

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    RE: Keanu as Spike.

    Wow, it's like you guys have never seen Cowboy Bebop. KEE-NU would be a terrible choice.

    I'll just quote what I said about this subject in Jan 2009.

    EvaUnit02 wrote:
    You people are all wrong, Keanu Reeves can't act at all. I recently rewatched Matrix 1 and half of Revolutions on Blu-ray (couldn't stomach the rest, horrible film), plus Street Kings, he practically sleep-walked through those films.

    If you've ever seen the proper version of Cowboy Bebop, you'd know that Koichi Yamadera's performance of Spike is quite charismatic, of which Keanu has zilch. I won't comment on the English dub, director Watanabe's intended version uses the original spoken Japanese. Argue all that you like, Steve Blum performance is NOT Spike Spiegel, full stop.

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    Yep, Keanu lacks the depth and range required for a decent portrayal of Spike.

    I'm not against Hollywood adaptations of anime IPs either. After-all, it's a genre that draws heavily on western influences.

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    Thebuffone wrote:
    *anigif meme reaction to the GiGz's suggestion of casting Efron as Kaneda.*
    What's wrong with Zac Efron? He's an extremely talented guy, with a lot of charisma and is appropriately aged for the role. Everything which KEE-NU isn't.

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    Steven Blum is my favorite voice actor.

    He is always Steven Blum though.

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    Bt wrote:
    He is always Steven Blum though.
    That's one of the reasons I'm not a huge fan of dubs. You do tend to recognise all of the VAs.

    It's not true that all dubs are crap though. For instance, Last Exile and Rahxehpon have excellent dubs. Better than the original imo.

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    Not at all. Alot of them are very good. Just not most of them.

    Last Exile is good. I haven't watched Rah Xephon.

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    Johnny Yong Bosch = best Va of all time. I like his butt buddy Yuri Lowenthall a lot less though.

    Let me rephrase the spike issue eva, keanu can pull off the dub version of spike.

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    Oh thank Christ. Don't let the door hit you on the way out, KEE-NU.

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    Anybody seen Tetsuo & Tetsuo 2?

    No direct relation to the Akira manga I believe, but i've never gotten around to seeing them. Any good?