Post Your Latest Piece of Art Work [2D, 3D, Paintings, Drawings... etc]

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    You got some style man, good luck with the Sidhe gig.. they would be crazy to turn you away.

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    Cheers heaps

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    009 wrote:
    That done in illustrator?
    Funny enough, no. Photoshop.

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    Okay... Time to go pass out, sorry for the huge ass image at the bottom:

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    ^ yeah those are really nice,
    very vivid colouring and semi-gothic-cartoony feel but not too casual.

    really unique and cool

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    Was having a play around in photoshop today chucking stuff together that Id found relating to BF3, ended up with this image below.

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    being a butt-hole and spamming an image dump now:

    Also turns out that job offer at Sidhe will be going through mid-year, yay!

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    ^ love the colours.

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    someone hire this guy

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    Shooman, what program are you using for these types of images?

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    a few programs actually.

    Autodesk Sketchbook Pro for pencil work (although I've found Photoshop does a pretty good job at emulating pencil work with the proper brush, so this program has taken a backseat)

    Corel Painter for the watercolour tools (probably the best at watercolour emulation)

    And then finally Photoshop for added colour overlays, gradients and any other special effects I might want to add to the image.

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    I haven't used Corel, it looks like it has a great painterly effect Shooman, nice.

    -been getting back into markers after mostly working digitally and also being ill.

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    Sorry for double posting. Here's one from tonight. Made with a wacom & photoshop, but trying to give some aspects of my marker drawings to it.

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    I really need to get up in the Corel Painter game, but I'm such an old dog when it comes to learning new software. I know illustrator and photoshop, so I don't have enough incentive to put the effort in - plus when I encounter software that doesn't act the way I'm used to, I reject it. Like me and learning to vector in PS T_T Illustrator is just so much easier! But PS vector is best for icons so I really need to learn ffuuuu.
    Nice work guys

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    I haaaate vectoring in photoshop. Theres a bunch of corel painter tuts out there though, to get you around the interface.

    Here's a Sparkster fan art piec.e

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    ^ far out man, your lighting and texturing is incredible

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    Went to my third life drawing class last wednesday, it's been very good. It's made me focus on being more gestural, and really see all the shapes the form is made up of, and getting them down, before the figure takes shape.

    I want to show you the figures, but I'm pretty sure policy is quite strict here for nudes, even if they aren't detailed (we're only given 5-20mins per drawing), so here's a portrait from the last class. My tutor seemed to really like it. Secretly, the eyes are bugging me. You can tell I struggled with them the most, as the lines are far from gestural, because I worked on it the most. On the up side, I learned how to get the eyes right: draw a circle for the eyeball, then the curves for the eyelids, then a curved directional line for the center of the eye, and for good measure, a directional line for indication of where the eyes are looking. If anything, these classes are increasing my drawing speed!

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    Latest model, started since wednsday, quite poly heavy. Was in a bit of a rush to get the basic shape right. WIP.

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    Yet to add dirt, few more tidy ups and appropriate scene...

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    cronicash wrote:
    Yet to add dirt, few more tidy ups and appropriate scene...

    Wow very impressive

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