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    1. Reportedly the American Xbox 360 copy is region-locked. Don't worry, UK/Euro imports would be fine.

    ALL PS3 games have region free playback on any console (Although multiplayer has been known to be region-locked on some titles. - IIRC, Resistance:FoM and Motorstorm are such examples.).

    2. Play-asia say that the Asian (English) copies will reportedly work on "PAL" X360 consoles, but we haven't had confirmation yet. Also Play-asia has been known to mail Australian copies of 360 games.

    3. The rumour that the 360 multiplayer is region-locked has thus far been confirmed to be false. Owners of NZ-bought 360 AND PS3 copies have had no trouble playing against overseas people located outside of Australasia.

    3a. PS3 US (NTSC-U/C) copies have been confirmed to be playable online with locally bought copies. (source)

    If you have any relevant information, please feel free to reply to this topic. Thank you.

    Any irrelevant posts will be deleted or moved.

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    Lag is also minimal when playing against yanks, had a few rounds this arvo and wiped the floor with them. Is a little lag on rockets but thats about it

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    Thanks for the info man i read parts on net and people saying things and others saying thing and my head was going

    I Live in NZ and thay are selling imported PAL UK full unedited copys on trademe for $90 to $99 NZ money. I have PAL 360 mmmm cannot wait to get my copy in mail tomorrow I wil be goin 500mph home from work and going

    Will let you no if anything dont work or sumthing thing.

    LOL PS3 GTA4 is locking up and freezing 360 baby all the way.

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    so does this mean it will work in australia, if u buy from GP

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    Cruzer15 wrote:
    so does this mean it will work in australia, if u buy from GP
    Yes, but is selling the Australian censored version, as if every other game store in New Zealand.

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    EvaUnit02 wrote:
    Once and for all could we please get this question answered:-

    Have owners of locally bought PS3 copies (Australasian censored version) been able to play multiplayer with those from outside of Australasia?

    Thank you.
    sknz wrote:
    Yes and this has never been a problem!

    Most of my friends are from the UK and US and no issues at all playing online.

    Just finished a few matches about 5 minutes ago

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    nz_guy wrote:
    I can confirm that you can play with other NZ/AUS with the imported US mine yesterday from playasia,such a awsome game

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