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    faranheit wrote:
    Yip. It more or less would have spent Fri, Sat, Sun and Mon going nowhere.
    Of course no guarantees that it made Tuesday shipment either.

    Tues, Wed...

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    So I have just been through the process now.

    2nd June

    -rang support line and reported fault (If I could give any advise, it would be don't ring them and give them attitude. Just be clam and take your time. After working as a CSr myself for a few years, giving the other person on the line crap is going to get you nowhere fast)

    -Recieved email with instructions soon after. No box is sent to you, you have to box it yourself.

    3rd June

    -Dropped off X-Box at the local post office. This was sent free post. I live in Auckland and it is sent to a PO Box in Auckland so I guess this speeds things up slightly.

    11th June

    -Recieved email that X-Box has arrived at service Centre.

    12th June

    -Email that console has been repaired and sent back with Tracking number. This Tracking number did not show up in the system at courrier post until 17th June.

    17th June
    -Missed courrier, so had to pick up from station as they are sign for packages. Lady at station knew it was an X-Box , must be dealing with a few.

    Well it is working and the whole thing took 2 weeks.

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    Mine missed the "arrived at center msg"

    now its being shipped back its got a trace number but doesnt say what company, very gay.

    sent mine away on the 5/6/08 when i get it back will prob be over 2 weeks.

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    It was courrier post for me. They don't tell you on the email I was sent.

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    vo|ati|e wrote:
    now its being shipped back its got a trace number but doesnt say what company, very gay.
    Hi vola:

    17. Once your console has shipped from the service center, you should receive an email with a tracking number. Again you will need to wait for your console to come back to New Zealand, before being shipped to your address. As at May 2008, you will be issued with a CourierPost track and trace number in the format: SL xxx xxx xxx NZ. This is a number which can be tracked at but some have reported that received their consoles before it was ever trackable on this website. CourierPost say that even though your Xbox is assigned that particular tracking number, it may not even be in New Zealand yet. On arrival to New Zealand your Xbox becomes trackable once it has been scanned at least once by a CourierPost scanner.

    18. When you sign for your console (delivery is by signature only courier, so a card to call is supposed to be left if no-one is home to sign for it), you are signing to say that you are happy with your package and that you are forfeiting all claims for compensation for damage, etc. Sounds crazy I know, but it is one of those quirky archaic New Zealand laws. To protect yourself from this (in case there is any concealed damage to your console that is not immediately apparent by looking at the box), make sure that your write “subject to inspection” or “STI” when you sign for it. That means that you are reserving your waiver of rights until you have inspected the contents.

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    Cheers Ahmad, still aint traceable yet so im guessing its still overseas

    ill be signing STI aswell heh

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    Good luck

    I've put in the FAQ "As of May 2008" because they may well change arrangements in future (although it seems their NZ Post and CourierPost arrangements are working fine at the moment). But if your tracking number matches the SL [9 digits] NZ format, then that's definitely a CourierPost tracking number.

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    Yep it is its got SL at the start and NZ at the end, 9 digits in the middle.

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    Guys, I sent it a while back with the Free post number thing they gave me and the lady said it was fine. Is that how I was supposed to send it?

    Repair Status: Waiting for Device at Service Center

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    Wiiness wrote:
    I sent it a while back
    Yeah thats really helpful.

    The freepost label on the box, with the reference number is all you have to apply to the box.

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    I didn't get no label. All I was told was to write that on :S It was about a week and a half I guess.

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    You sent a box with the Freepost number scribbled on it and no reference number? Is that what you are saying?

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    Oh, I wrote my reference number that they told me and the freepost number and address.

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    My bet is it will still make it, and it will turn up sooner or later.

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    Yeah, forgot to update, they just have repaired the console and gave me a tracking number

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    got mine back today - took 13 days

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    It's sad that this had to happen to such a great machine, but at least MS has our backs.

    vo|ati|e wrote:
    Lol i just turned my xbox on and got the red light

    this post JINXED ME!

    ffs ,

    i cant request a repair online its BS

    its not 2nd hand
    Oh shite. I am about to turn mine on now!

    *Deep Breath*

    Shes alive!

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    excellent - i had my 2nd xbox 3 weeks before it rr'd. Thank god our flat has 2....

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    "The box that your Xbox was shipped in provides good protection for the console so you may wish to keep it for the next time it breaks down."

    So true! Wish they'd just fix them properly the first time around!

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    My launch console has just had the RROD for the second time, don't know if it will still be under warranty ? Maybe I should just buy an elite are they more stable?

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    Overdrive_5000 wrote:
    My launch console has just had the RROD for the second time, don't know if it will still be under warranty ? Maybe I should just buy an elite are they more stable?
    RROD cover is 3 years from purchase. 360 launched Mar 06. Send it in, you might get a new motherboard with a 65nm CPU (Opus).

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    Requested another repair, it better be back by the time Too Human is released or I will be pissed. Hopefully they will fix my shitty disc drive too keeps getting stuck and having issues reading.

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    Hey all, do you know if you have to print the address label from their PDF or can you just write it on the box with a pen? I would have just printed it but I'm out of ink.

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    -sigh- they said it was posted 1 & 1/2 weeks ago.. still waiting, owell i'l be a patient boy.. thankgod i have a spare 360!!!

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    Their site lists that, my machine has been repaired and sent back, but I still haven't received an email. This has been the case since last Thursday.