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    So, I was browsing NZD...

    And I found Liz Shaw. I couldn't help but message her for a bit of a laugh. I fully expected her to reply and debate my scathing remarks and she didn't disappoint. I am now going to attempt to keep it going for entertainment purposes, and I will post my results here.

    Wish me luck!

    Before we get underway, here is her profile, along with her two profile pictures.

    General Stuff

    Name: blondeandopinionated
    Age: 22
    Sex: Female
    Sexuality: Straight
    Location: Auckland
    City/Town: Auckland
    Star Sign: Sagittarius

    Seeking: Men
    For: Keeping options open

    General blurb

    Living for today

    I've recently moved back to Auckland from Sydney where I was living for a few months after I graduated from university with a BA with a major in politics and a minor in media.

    I spend a lot of time with my friends and I also tend to spend a lot of time in acting class, learning scripts, or in auditions. I can't imagine a life without acting. I like to spend time at beaches (Bondi and Palm) and I also like to go out drinking with friends.

    I'm also very interested in politics as you can probably tell by the fact that I have mentioned that I majored in it.

    At the moment I work in sales for an airline so I get good staff discounts, but this is really just to get more experience before I move back to Aus to work in media or a government department again.


    Height: 1m 60 to 1 65 (5'3" - 5'5")
    Weight: 50 to 60 kg
    Colour hair: Blond
    Colour eyes: Blue
    Smoking: Regularly/A lot
    Drinking: Regularly/A lot

    Marital Status: Single - never been married
    Children: I like kids but don't have any
    Religion: Agnostic
    Nationality: NZ born with European descent
    Education: University graduate

    The important characteristics I'm looking for:

    I'm not after a one night stand so if that is what you are after, hit the back button, look in your wallet, check your bank balance, find your keys, walk out the door, lock the door, unlock the car, get into the car, start the car and drive to the nearest brothel.

    I'm looking for a guy between 23 - 28 who is intelligent and has a university education, or at least has a good job that requires some level of intelligence. I do judge people on their jobs. I've just started a new job as a sales agent and it's great, good money and fantastic location, but all kinds of perks.

    I prefer to date within my own race.

    If you can't spell, use text language or send me a boring message then I don't want to know you coz you should obviously go back to school and learn English.
    And here are her two profile photos.

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    So, the conversation begins.

    To: blondeandopinionated
    Subject: Oh my god.

    It's Liz Shaw!!!

    That blonde pic of you is terrible. At least as your default hair colour you didn't look as if you were trying so hard.
    From: blondeandopinionated
    Subject: re: Oh my god.

    Big ****ing deal, yes, I'm a normal person doing normal things. Get over it. MY hair is my business, and you can burn in hell with that comment you made. I really don't like people commenting on my appearance, so like I said, burn in hell. And FYI, both photos were professional.
    To: blondeandopinionated
    Subject: re: Oh my god.

    I think it will be easier if I reply to this in bullet points.

    * Liz my dear, you are far from normal.
    * Your hair was made public business when you exposed it in NZX. Oh you meant the hair on your head? Ok.
    * If anyone's going to hell, it's people who do porn. However, since there is no hell, that doesn't really matter.
    * If you didn't want people commenting on your appearance, you probably shouldn't have left your couch to audition for NZ Idol.
    * Of course we know the first photo was professional, half of New Zealand has seen that series of photos. That second photo however...if you paid for that, whatever you paid was too much. If you didn't, you still got the bad end of the deal.

    I look forward to hearing from you. Take care.
    From: blondeandopinionated
    Subject: re: Oh my god.

    You're a loser, a total loser, and now you're going into my block list.
    And then she blocked me.

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    I'd hit it.

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    You're a brave bastard

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    Short version:
    TonTo ploughs Liz Shaw.

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    Won't Hattie be a bit worried that you're searching for ladies on NZ Dating?

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    Nope. Work it out.

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    I like how she tells you to 'go to hell' with the screen name sexychick666


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    ****ing hell if that photo is professionally done and thats the best they can do...

    God help us all.

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    Couch wrote:
    Short version:
    TonTo ploughs Liz Shaw.
    Long version:

    Tonto spent weeks trying to find Liz on NZdating. He finds her and begins correspondance. He posts on he forums that he's doing it for 'lols', when really he's doing it because he wants to get close to her. Tonto meets her IRL for coffee. They then get 'desert'. Read: Tonto ploughs Liz Shaw.

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    Who is that bitch, I must've missed this back when it all began.

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    G Daddy wrote:
    Who is that bitch, I must've missed this back when it all began.

    oh no, hold on.

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    And he serenades her by singing the theme from Home and Away.

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    TonTo wrote:
    Nope. Work it out.
    So Hattie is available?

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    AxioN wrote:
    They then get 'desert'.

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    That is all.

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    Well it's some sort of valley.

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    Emoticons explain my feelings towards you!


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    When I get a reply, I'll paste it here and you guys can throw me ideas. I'll piece something epic together before sending it back.

    Hopefully she keeps biting, which I think she will.

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    pwn dat ass br4

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    i dont think the best photographer in the world could make that look good

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    lol @ forgetting to dye the eyebrows

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    bookmarked this thread for epicness

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    That blonde pic makes her look like an albino zombie.