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    Crow#Zero wrote:
    There's a program about eating skinny people shit on TV to lose weight

    Deal me in
    Not skinny people, people in the normal bmi range, no diagnosed health issues and who eat a healthy diet

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    Drink water
    Eat protein
    Lift Weights

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    My missus brought home some of that Luxe Fitness protein that every "social media influencer" seems to drink in their waist high tights and crop top; it costs a shit load and it tastes absolutely shit....reminded me of how protein used to taste like 10-15 years ago.

    On the other hand, I have the NZProtein Banana flavour at the moment and it is amazing, tastes like banana chip ice cream.

  4. Post a deal aggregate site for supps.

    Topdog Nutrition appears to be pretty cheap. Anyone bought from them?

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    Do they still sell those SOS electrolyte sachets anywhere? Wanna stock up for a concert on Friday

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    Been using the new ans pre for the last couple of days. It's okay. Don't know if I'll buy another tub yet.

  7. Post messed up my order the other day. They advertised a plant protein stack, consisting of plant protein + greens + a shaker. They shipped the protein and shaker but not greens.

    It's not rocket science, 3 items in an order that they were advertising as a special in stock combo. Come on guys...

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    did u contact them tho

    would be much more concerned if their cs was terrible rather than a simple picking mistake

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    Gesellschaft wrote:
    did u contact them tho

    would be much more concerned if their cs was terrible rather than a simple picking mistake
    Well yeah, replied to their email saying my items had been delivered. Then they said sorry and would be shipping the greens today.

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    I didn't mean to be flippant with that comment, it inevitably happens from time to time if a business sends out a lot of items, so it's hard to tell if it's an isolated mix up or a regular incompetence from a single post.

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    Time to give NZMuscle a miss until they realise they have bitten off more than they can chew after the recent Shotgun buyout.

    Last two orders have been pretty bad. Few months ago ordered some protein and pre-workout. Didn't get a shipping conformation after 4 days so contacted them via FB - they don't seem to answer their phones. They had incorrectly listed items as being in stock so changed my order; as well as there being an error in the ordering process - apparently my order didn't get printed and handed off to picking.

    Gave them another shot on Monday. Ordered protein and pre-workout. No shipping confirmation so I try to call. No answer. Request a refund and get a phone call saying they don't have in stock what I ordered. Changed my order and they sent my stuff out and apologized due to not keeping up with the New Years sale orders.

    Got my stuff and was pretty stoked they gave me a 5lb tub of protein instead of 1.6. Nice! Except the pre-workout is a giant cake of hardened powder along with the free sample of pre-workout they sent me, which is a worry because this hints that they are storing products in a damp environment.

    An Xplosiv store has just opened up in Palmy so will buy stuff from them next.

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    These guys now ship to NZ - highly recommend the WPI Salted Caramel - mixes with oats like a dream.

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    Have been told that it's quite common for Defcon 1 to harden due to when two of the ingredients it has to come in contact. Was advised to just break it up. Apparently it happens to C4 as well, told them I've never had this issue with C4.

    Anyway, stuff tastes absolutely god-awful (Waterberry). It actually doesn't taste right like it's somehow gone bad.

    Ah well. This stuff happens I guess. Will buy from Xplosiv next and a different product.

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    What is a good pre workout these days?

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    78vin wrote:
    What is a good pre workout these days?
    Liking the new one from Ronny Colman at the moment.