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    1987 Nissan CJ-R31 Skyline Silhouette (series II) stolen from outside 3 Bowen Place in Te Rapa, Hamilton, between 9 & 10pm saturday 4th October.

    Number plate: NK5259
    Chassis no. CJR31L00014
    Engine no. 072678A

    RB30, 5 spd manual.
    Colour: Burgundy/wine red 2 tone with grey lower half.
    Silhouette sticker on back right taillight, distinctively different looking taillights to a regular '31!
    Left rear factory NISSAN wheel is missing the center cap/plate.

    The front headlights look different too...

    Unfortunately I had not gotten around to taking any pictures of my car, which is a pain in the arse! I'm guessing it was stolen for the RB30 engine & 5 spd, or for a joyride. Either way, this was my new friggin daily driver and I only just put 12 months fresh rego on it!

    If anybody sees my car, please let me know asap so I can go and review some knees. Reward for any information leading to the recovery of my car and/or the identity of the theif will be a handful of teeth.

    Car looks like this, except on the factory rims:

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    So a bit like this then?

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    ^ Just like that, but with factory alloys.

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    gutted.. will keep an eye

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    I hope you had insurance? (knowing your stance on it)

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    WTF! O_o

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    OMFG! I hope Mettler farks them up!

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    man I never put insurance in any car I owned.. this shit is getting worse better sort myself out..

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    bl bro!

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    hammed wrote:
    man I never put insurance in any car I owned.. this shit is getting worse better sort myself out..
    Insurance is for people who cant afford to take a loss.....99% of us.

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    Insurance was next on the list, I had only just put rego of it. Not made of money!

    If I find these ****ers, and believe me I'm contacting everyone, and every gas station in the waikato area, I'm going to cut them up.

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    ****en thieves.. Hope you find them and **** them up Mettler

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    Ahhh that sucks, gutted man

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    Everyone keep your eyes and ears peeled for an RB30E engine + 5 spd gearbox for sale, or if anyone has freshly acquired one. What I want is an address and some names!

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    That sucks man

    If only you'd installed a camera like I suggested a few months back

    Please invite me if you find them! I'll get a note up @ my work asking people to keep an eye out for it.
    wants to see the auckland city council asap

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    Wow, shithouse bro!

    Hope you find them and reconstruct their faces.

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    hope you find it mate, mess those pricks up

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    If you find these guys **** them up please.

    BL bro

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    oh that sucks mettler, will be keeping an eye out for it.

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    How much did you spend all up on the car? (car, engine, tranny and etc)

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    1500 bucks, may not be much to you, but it was all I had.

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    BL Mettler. Hope you get it back and DON'T beat anyone up. as satisfying as it would be at the time, it could f*ck up your life later on.

    maybe the GP Police Squad could have the guy beat up for you.

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    Shit dude BL hope you get to crack some ****ing skulls!

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    Lame, I wanted that car.

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