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    pussycatdollz wrote:
    When your time is up, yes.
    Jesus will be harder on you, you gay stoned Satanist lover.

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    hes more likely going to come down on her ass than any of ours

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    pussycatdollz wrote:
    When your time is up, yes.
    The fact that you agree about jesus coming on arses is quite contradictory to your believes is it not?

    edit: lol at how quickly she googled "gpod"

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    Jesus is coming, open your mouth!

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    I think I just reupped my game. That was the rudest thing I have said to anyone ever. :P

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    Geeeeeeeeeez that chick should like, die. Quick. The world is too good for people like that....

    YUSSSSSSS stand up for brotherduncan!

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    thats funny shit

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    Oi Bitch, are you serious with this bible bashing on my PM box?

    Got a laugh outta me anyway, skank

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    Missing you already....
    What the hell? I never signed out I left a comment.

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    LOL at BRFour's comments

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    ha loser, she only has 7 friends

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    God damn it! I only just cancelled by failbo account this morning. Bugger it. Quite tempted to set up another one just to add to the love

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    IBL (again!)

    Draw moar cock!

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    How can someone who is 25 act/type like that, was she locked in a cage her teenage years?

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    Not that this isn't amusing, especially as they attempted retaliation, but try to pick some more well armed targets. Retards aren't really fun to pick on.

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    sad dude delph

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    I LUFF TEH COCK! Ask eee, he knows.

    Also lol@first google result for GPOD (musical vibrators)

    Damn your ninja edit Deadeye

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    Lol @ the >9000 penises whiteboard

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    Pork Pie wrote:
    GPOD (musical vibrators)
    That is awesome, and the 4chan over 9000 penises mspaint ftw lol

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    @ linx

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    Which one of you is Sarah J?!

    It's more fun when it's angsty emo males, bebo's their life-force.

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    Br Four
    Romans chapter 3 verse br4 "when I doth dangal ma ballaz infrunt of jo faec you besta be suck'n b4 u b red dragooon'd"


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    I was gonna post the epic cocks but didn't wanna get into shit.

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    Gpod has great artistic talent. just look at the detail on those penises