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    APESHIT, apparently ^_^

    Well played, LOL

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    owned br4

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    Aww, did Phax open my goatse link I sent back to him then?

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    Was Pussycatdollz part of it, or a well meaning passerby? Top work Phax

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    "And when APESHIT saw the breadth of his domain, he wept, for there were no more worlds to conquer."

    Benefits of a classical education.

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    Freaking wicked. Snaps for Phax.

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    It takes a master mind to pull off a monster troll like that, and Phax drives a Holden.

    Keep guessing!

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    I didn't do it

    But i did just troll you br4

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    Edited, APESHIT's claiming the credit now apparently ^_^

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    -Hamburglar- wrote:
    It takes a master mind to pull off a monster troll like that, and Phax drives a Holden.

    Keep guessing!
    I now drive a ford

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    Who the hell is/was pussycatdollz?

    Phaxy wrote:
    I now drive a ford
    Mondeo. That doesn't count

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    Do you think it was planned back in feb?

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    Where is the HOF? Is it in some special admin forum now?, it says i can't access it.

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    I'm still fkn lolling, awesome stuff

    Sam: I edited cos of INCORRECT INFORMATION

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    So who was it?

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    Still, wow at the fast response time of the tactical suprise sex squad even if it was a troll

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    EzyE wrote:
    So who was it?
    Ape was the one with the bebo account

    NFI who pussycatdollz was/is

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    Duncan's silly

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    Troll of the ****en century! Top effort!

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    Good times! A whole lot of LOLs piled up into one huge pile of steaming GPOD LOL goodness.

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    cheers fellas tristania was the creator of the account, which I had input on, but I did the talking using the account HArha.

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    Still unclear on pussycatdollz - setup or not?
    If not, IP check maybe to see if its a GP user?

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    No I don't know what's going on? I have been visiting this site to make sure you leave us alone and don't make fun of more innocent people and I snapped when I saw you people making fun of another person so I decided to join up (because my old account was shut down for no reason!) to tell you off. ANYWAY YOU NERDS NEED TO GET A LIFE. I THOUGHT I WAS HELPING AN INNOCENT PERSON BUT IT TURNS OUT I WAS A FAKE PROFILE CRERATED BY YOU FOLK I JUST WASTED AN HOUR OF MY LIFE.

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    You don't know whats going on? Grace Whateverhernameis IS FAKE.

    And who the hell is "us"?

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