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    Frederick James wrote:
    ^ Ham sandwich! Shit that got a great lol out of me.

    I'm running Nexen Nfera AU5 tyres on the Volvo. They came with it when I bought it in November 2018 (thanks capriv8!), and whilst I don't know where they sit in the range, top end or budget end, they have been fine. In fact, they are wearing incredibly well.
    Bit the bullet and ordered a set. Will be replacing Bridgestone S001s and S007As. So likely a step down in quality. But 800 installed vs likely almost 1.5k+ to replace with S007As again seemed like a no brainer. Also my 325i is far from a race car in need of high end tyres.

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    MAC_HATER wrote:
    It will, one day, after some irredeemable ****wit destroys one trying to recharge it with a ham sandwich and then moans to the papers when warranty wont cover ham sandwich related damage
    the forecourt concierge yesterday opened the electricity flap when I rolled up to fill with petrol and nearly blew his mind.