Hello all, just thought I would put this in here so that we have a place for all new keen shooters/hunters to get information about the whole process.

First of all, it takes some time and if youíre onto it the maximum time is around 1-2 weeks (Not including the test date/issue of actual license)

I would also like any PM's if anything is missing or needs correction, and please note this is not 100% yet but has more info then you will find elsewhere.


There are some basic things you will need to organize before even getting the application sorted.

1. What type of hunting/shooting do you want to do?
  • This can be anything from Target, Small Game (Rabbits/Possum/Wallaby), Water Foul (Duck/Geese) or Big Game (Deer/Chamois)

2. Have you got a copy of the NZ Arms Code?

(A tip is to read this through from cover to end, even if you do know what you are reading about. The only important part to remember is the 7 rules, make a story up in your mind to help you remember for the test.)

3. Do you have a safe place to store the gun/s?
  • You will need a secure place to store your arms away from heat/moisture and also from people looking to steal/use against someone.

Gun Rack/s These are the best if you cannot afford a safe, and most are police approved, however as long as they are secure, they are fine with this.
(Note that they need to be secure into either metal or wood, if wood ensure its in a wall stud and that you are using wood screws)

Gun Safe/s These are a good way of keeping dirt and various other materials from getting near your gun/s, also they are a neat way to store cleaning equipment.
(These vary in size and also price, they also come in a variety of "Position" from standing to trunk.)

4. Do you have a club or organization in mind?
  • Having a club or organization to belong to for shooting increases your knowledge of arms, and with the older members being able to take you under their wing. It also allows you to ask any questions and also to have a safe and secure place to practice on targets without having to go bush.

List of well some clubs/organizations:

http://www.deerstalkers.org.nz/ - The God Father of Big Game clubs.
http://www.nzairgunners.com/ - Air Rifle forums, a lot of local clubs all over NZ.
http://centralshooters.co.nz/ - Small Bore Range in Auckland (.22)


Ok, the best way to go about this is the following:

  • 2. Get some passport photos done, 4 will be enough. Apply one to the application and paper clip the extras.
    (Ensure the background is a bright colour as they may complain about darkness)

  • 3. Gather any 3 of the following: Drivers license, Student ID, Bill's (under your name), Passport, Insurance, and Credit Card
    (You will need these once the officer comes around to inspect security)

  • 4. Take your application to any NZ Post shop and pay for the application ($123.75) and apply this receipt to the application.

  • 5. Ensure one contact on the form is family member (mum/dad/sister/brother) and the other is non related (Mum/dad/sister/brother's family friends)
    These people will be visited personally to be interviewed, its basic "Is he/she sane to have a gun" type questions.

  • 6. Submit your application to your nearest police station.

Once you have done the above you will be contacted by a member of police to be informed that they are entering your information into the system and will be called shortly to organize a security check and an interview.

NOTE: It is very wise to install security (Gun rack/safe) before sending in the application, this way you can organize for them to come around asap, if you do not have it in place they cannot complete that part, even if you donít have a gun yet!

-Post Application-

The officer will go around and ask basic questions to both parties listed on your application, after this he will come around at a time previously arranged to inspect both your rack/safe and also your ammo storage.

He will ask basic mental health/drug abuse type questions and you will sign/initial some pages and that is pretty much the end of the police side.

-FAL Test-

Alright, the last hard part comes, you must now sit a test run by the Mountain Safety Council which is a 30 question multi-choice "common sense" test.

7 of these questions you must get 100%, and those are the 7 basic firearm rules explained in the NZ Arms Code book mentioned above.

This is an easy test, and you are free to ask questions as they want you to pass rather than fluke it and not know these basic rules and practices, so itís not really a test.

Once you have done this, and should you pass you will be issued with a NZ firearms license, although the wait time to get this varies.

-Starting Out-

I presume you will not have had much gun/hunting experience, so will presume you will want a .22 rifle for small game first, or an air rifle.

Both are cheap and will teach you many things, and because they are cheap it means if they break they can easily be replaceable.

You may wish to invest in some hunting clothing, if youíre doing small game you wonít need much, other than some long pants you can get dirty, and maybe something warm/waterproof in case you do some night hunting and it gets a bit wet.

If youíre doing Foul then I believe you would be doing this with some hunters who are experience, therefore asking them would be the best advice.

And as for big game, well first time out you will learn that the best boots are in fact the best boots, my best advice is to invest in some correctly fitted hunting/tramping boots, you are going to need them!



http://www.huntingandfishing.co.nz/ - All over NZ
http://www.guncity.co.nz/ - Christchurch
http://www.guncity.co.nz/auckland-wi...xidc36671.html - Auckland (My North Shore Local)
http://www.hamillsnz.co.nz/ - All over NZ