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    There are sales Steam all the time, so I thought I would start a Steam files trading thread

    The idea is, a lot of the games are 5gb etc which is too much for some people to download.

    So two options:

    Swap the Steam files of a game for another
    $3 for Steam files to cover dvd's + postage (or whatever agreed on)

    Note for non Steam games, all the is required is the normal retail installed files (files after they have been installed)

    Instructions for sending files:
    -Please use the Steam backup option. Sending the gcf files etc is against Steam rules
    -If possible, backup each game individually. This minimises extraction problems

    Individually backup all your games
    Use 7zip/winzip etc and put them in a zip using 'store' method (no compression, very quick)
    specify you want it split into dvd sizes.
    Reason: DVD space isn't wasted on games that use half a dvd, or one-and-a-bit dvds

    Instructions for receiving files:
    Running the SteamBackup exe will put the files into Steam if you own the game

    If you have any problems extracting/using the backups, PM me

    Here is what I have available if anyone wants:

    +Stalker (original) installed files

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    And I'm wanting "Beyond Good and Evil" if anyone has it

    (got it now)

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    that's going for 7 bucks us o_0

    wish i should've waited before buying kane and lynch lol (that game is seriously a swearathon)

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    Mine if anyone needs.

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    I looking for the unreal tournament 3 files. whats the cheapest anyone can do for me including postage to christchurch

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    how much for all the 5 unreals. If in auckland, can I do a pickup?

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    Also keen on the unreals. Hamilton

    Stalker would also been a nice addition, It was dirt cheap last weekend. Oh and orginal Half Life

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    I have Half Life Source and retail Stalker. Want? (I'll just give you the installed files for Stalker)

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    Nah none of this source business I'm talking about straight vanilla Half Life. Got it for the 98c US . Would also prefer the .gcf files ass they are smaller and easier to back up. Thanks for the offer anyway

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    I'm in Wellington and i'm only wanting to ship, 3 people want stuff already

    I don't think i'm gonna do anymore after them.

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    Whacker if you give them to one person, then they can pass them on to the next

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    Ah good idea, i'll prob send them to you first.

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    Also if you live near Croydon he could just bring an external hdd

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    I'm hoping to get Mass Effect if anyone has it.

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    If Mass Effect is on sale, buy it, and I'll get the files to you next week. PM me. (don't have them right now, but coming)

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    Whacker wrote:
    Ah good idea, i'll prob send them to you first.
    whom did you send it to?

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    ill take ut3 someone pleasseeeeeee!

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    Buy it and I'll get the files to you hopefully next week

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    BTW how big is the unreal deal pack totally?

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    After the files for UT3 & STALKER:CS
    Can pick up on portable USB if anyone in Auckland doesn't mind...

    Here's what I've got so far (also have Bioshock and a few others backed up)

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    Is there anyone that can send UT3? A copy of retail version is fine. Will pay $5 for it

    Whacker was going to send it to me, and I was going to send it to everyone else, but Whacker has gone on holiday.

    And Stalker CS too? I've got tons of dvd's and stamps so I'm all set up for mass postal distribution

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    OK looks like everyone is after UT3, I'm gonna start downloading it now and then I can give it to mejobloggs and whoever, but somebody better get me STALKER CS steam files O_o ...please

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    I got coming Stalker CS coming so I'll trade

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    Sweet, all done, gimme a pm when you get Stalker.
    If anyone else in Auckland wants UT3 steam files gimme a pm and I should be able to bring them round, itching for a ride on my bike ...just not tonight cos I'm half pissed, having a bbq, happy new years ...almost

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    guys, you are going to hate ut3

    trust me