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    Garena help

    Why can't I see any games its driving me nuts, Everyone has a red X how do I fix this. Jez its too hot for this hassle

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    do you know how to "tunnel" people

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    Right click on there name and click tunnel ? Just says "Can not find the user for Tunnel" ?

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    you may need to port forward your router go to and read there help there are tutorials on this

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    I tried to forward ports, I guess its possible no games were up ? You guys play in the TFT RPG New Zealand room ? I can always play I guess just hate all the ragers and how everyone loves EM

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    go to RPG then oceania

    check that your version is 1.22
    go ask on garena forums better help there

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    Version 1.22, Ports forwarded etc, Could it be my nets too shit ? I can't play on xbox live because my nets wireless.

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    nah net doesn't matter, when people same names it means they have hosted, try tunnel them if you can't see any something might be ****ed

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    I have this problem too and it's really fustrating

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    Shit its cose i have version 1.21 and u need 1.22.

    But i can play in the Malaysia servers as they use the old version. . . . try it!