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    revolt` wrote:
    the new years dae one? that was last new year
    yeh thats the one, my bad. still, mean part.

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    it is indeed, his back truck is super loose too, you can see it wobbling around when he does that triple crook on the stairs

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    this thread deserves to be dug!

    got a new setup, just waiting for shipping. The suspense of waiting for it to arrive is killing me, feeling like a 5 year old a couple of days before xmas!

    7.875" Almost Haslam deck
    5" low Independent trucks
    53mm Spitfire Daewon wheels
    Destructo bearings + hardware

    can't wait ;D

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    scored myself a grade 1 mcl tear :@ can skate on it but its sketchy n delaying recovery.. fuuu

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    Anyone attend today's Supra demo?

    Side note: **** you Auckland.

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    indeed i did, had a chat/smoke with lizard king - real nice guy

    got a few photo's with lizard + matt mumford + ellington ;D!

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    vic park?

    shieeeeeet shoulda gone

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    yeah vic park.

    was pretty sweet - though lizard said everyone on tour was real stuffed, been on the road/skating 35 days straight apparently. He was limping quite a bit too.

    TK/Neen had a pretty decent skate down the stair/ledge set from what I saw, though spent majority of the time watching lizard/mumford skate the bowl.

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    I wanted to see Spencer Hamilton and Mumford

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    me and my flatmate messing around at barry on friday morn

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    nice ^^

    anyone been to the new bond street park in auckland? really worth checking it out~

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    any of you cats have any highish res pics/photos of some 70s era street skating/skaters? Doing a deck company that's focusing on the origins of street skating for its imagery for a design project, decent res oldschool photos are hard to find, thanks heaps yo

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    ^ thats sick, could defo use that, thanks bro

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    cool stuff, marc! have just got back on the board after a f*cked knee which has continued giving me trouble since feb last year. Currently just cruising on the smoothly concreted neighbourhood lines that exist in my vicinity here in Whitianga but am itching to get some pop again

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    Tom Asta vs P Rod. No words... just O_O

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    I picked up some Supra Amigos for $39 at ALC in Welly yesterday.

    ...I am part of the problem.

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    had to share this


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    bays wrote:
    had to share this

    thanks man, really enjoyed that, reminds me what a somewhat weird city LA is, some parts look unkept, then you got places like beverly hills

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    The thread... lives?!

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    I haven't skated much these days. My skate crew has died out so there's no motivation to go out by myself

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    Pxndx wrote:
    I haven't skated much these days. My skate crew has died out so there's no motivation to go out by myself
    Know how you feel, last mate has just moved to melbs

    Got a few that long board but **** that..

  25. Post becoming a niche sport.

    I approve of this tbh. Less posers and more pop!!!