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    just came back from a mean a mean skate, hadn't pulled my deck out for like 2-3years
    was thrashing it around town for a good 3hours, britomart, aotea sqaure, viaduct, vic park ways

    I used to be able to kickflip over a deck/pop shove-it over a deck/ollie a 6stair
    couldn't manage to kickflip (well moving anyway) but managed to whip out a few nose manual to fakie/ shove-its, nose stalls, manual'd all the way 'across' queen st infront of like 50-60 people lol

    I'm gonna start shreading around regularly again, if any gp'ers are keen to go for a little blat around the city let me know, im not that good at all but hopefully ill pick my old skills back up sumtime soon

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    good luck man i remember my sk8n days around viaduct and britomart, but im mad useless hahaha best thing i could do was kick flip.

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    I need to get back on my board, I busted my ankle at the skatepark about 3 months ago, it's taken ages to heal.
    I might actually skate tomorrow or something. I miss it

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    yeah ankles do, ive broken both

    I havent skated in like 6 months but ive been meaning to go out again. its too hot at the moment though. I love skating ^^

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    can anyone on gp tre-flip? if so you're theman

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    I used to be reasonably consistent with tre-flips, now it's like a one in 20 kind of thing

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    I used to be able to hardflip to nosegrind to 360 flip to darkslide to nose manual to manual to nose manual to backflip to k grind to bluntslide to 5-0 grind to triple heelflip to quadruple kickflip to 720 indy to 1080 christ air.

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    I'm getting tres pretty consistent now, land more times than not it's just landing centered/bolts.. I skate mostly every day after work (finish at 7 so it's not as rapingly hot) and weekends at Manukau/Papakura parks + some local spots.

    Been meaning to hit Vic park again sometime soon but never have the motivation to drive up there, if anyone from gp is gonna be around Vic park let me know and if I've got nothing on I should be able to gather the canbef*cked to make the drive.

    edit: other gp members I know that skate are marc and Maize

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    Had to youtube to find out what this new school term "tre flip" is. I could pull 360 flips last time I skated (pre-2000) most of the time but only on the flat. Too old for that shit now, would break a hip

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    If I had the money to get back into skating i probably would, skating was a good pass time

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    Mean, nice to see some other skaters out there, Went for another thrash tonight, going down queen st just luving it aye I had my tshirt around my head and I was yellow out "PIRATE SKATAZ"\\

    Btw I'll get one of my mates to record me doing my signiture trick
    I can nail it pretty much every time and sometimes I even land it back in primo

    It's like you start in a primo stall, board on its side standing on the wheels, then I flick the board and do a 180 double kickflip and land, pretty much nail it every time lol

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    I can only land treflips every so often, i need to practice more. But I was skating the miniramp more than flatland before i busted my ankle, done a board slide along the top of the spine and went down the other side and I miss placed my back off and it slid off the tail causing it to drag on the ground while bent then i fell on it with my ass and pulled all my tendons really bad.

    Love long manuals on boxes etc.

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    ima gettin' closer

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    Demontheory wrote:
    ima gettin' closer

    dude thats pretty good, near the clean stage.

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    started 3 months ago, pop shoving it consistently but still trying to get kickflip.

    heelflip > kickflip in terms of easiness? i find it easier to flip but i just dnut hard jumping up and landing with both feet

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    PoPo wrote:
    started 3 months ago, pop shoving it consistently but still trying to get kickflip.

    heelflip > kickflip in terms of easiness? i find it easier to flip but i just dnut hard jumping up and landing with both feet
    Kickflip > Heelflip for me, I find myself to have more control, but sometimes I can do heelflips really lazy, but depends on the person. I know people who find Heelflips easier than Kickflips and people who find Kickflips easier than heelflips.

    With Kickflips, Just keep trying to do them, they might chew up your shoes but yeah stay committed. I use to just spend like an hour a day just trying to do them, then I started landing them Just stay over your board so it's easier to land back down. Just watch youtube videos if you need help on them also.

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    Yeah heelflips and kickflips are very person specific, I found heelflips very natural kickflips not so much, meanwhile many people I knew were the exact opposite.

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    Yeah pretty much what has been said above, some people are naturally more comfortable with kickflips and some more comfortable with heelflips. It usually also ends up relating to wether you're more comfortable with frontside tricks or backside tricks (kickflip - FS/heelflip - BS).

    Nothing really to say other than practice, keep your weight centered and flick off the corner of the nose, and then practice some more. You might find halfway through getting kickflips clean that you actually find heels easier, heelflips and varial kickflips were the first two tricks I learnt when I couldn't even kickflip normally yet but now I'm much more comfortable with kickflips and frontside variations... shit, I can barely even heelflip consistently.

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    ^ Did you find with Varials that once you started doing 360 flips, you don't do Varials anymore?

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    I always found hardflips to be my most natural flip trick

    Yeah once you start doing 360 flips, you usually have to re-learn varial flips. But that's where you to start focus on control, getting decent pop and catching them, instead of just basically rolling them along the ground.

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    i could only do hardflips in fakie kickflips where way easier for me than heelflips but it took me ages to get there

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    Some times I find doubles easier than a single kickflip lol.

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    Pxndx wrote:
    Some times I find doubles easier than a single kickflip lol.
    same. ****s me off tbh. I WANT TO LAND CLEAN TRE'S!

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    ^ huh? are you talking about flipping your board twice when doing a tre? Cause I'm talking about just double kickflips in general .