What was the last thing you watched?

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    watched 'O Brother, where art thou' this morning
    awesome movie, never really watched the whole thing before

    and just watched Snatch
    been ages since I saw it last but its always entertaining

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    I was wacthing the comedy version of naked on E! or somthing the other night. xD

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    Tennis: Andy Murray won ;D

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    Total Recall

    such an awesome movie

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    The Strangers

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    Aljazeera (however it is spelt, sorry)

    Interesting piece on cluster bombs in Laos

    I missed out on Over The Hedge

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    doomsday - nothing special but was decent

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    The latest episode of Smallville. It was good!

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    The news.

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    Cadillac Records.
    Was pretty cool, would have liked to see less of Beyonce, though.
    Also, where was Buddy Guy and Junior Wells?

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    American teen, was meh tbh

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    The Girl Next Door, such a good movie

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    Benjamin Button - thought it was pretty good

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    Pride and Glory was A++ Edward Norton

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    Just saw Igor, quite dark, but a cool movie.

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    McLeods Daughters

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    The devils Rejects. Movie=mint!

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    Rightous Kill - the Pacino Deniro machine put another awesome one behind them. Seriously the best movie Ive seen in a long time. Beautifully shot, cleverly written and perfectly cast!

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    Ping Pong Playa.

    very bad movie.

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    Quake 3 - Trixo DeFRaG World Cup 2008

    was ok.

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    The Cricket

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