What was the last thing you watched?

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  1. Yelling

    What was the last thing you watched?

    Simpsons season 3 - Colonel Homer

    The one where he is the manager for Lurnine Lumpkin the country singer.


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    Catch me if you can that was on last night

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    Watched Benjiman Button last night... Was ****ing mint. And a french film called Amelie , which was beautiful, gives you a total different outlook on life itself.

    And watched like 6 episodes of Bleach this morning (japanese anime)

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    Damages 2.02

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    Mongol - quite enjoyed it

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    I've been watching Gilmore Girls free online :O I'm such a girly girl I've made my way through the whole 5th season, and half way through the 6th.

    I've never watched so many episodes of any one series in my entire life. Except Simpsons, but that's a given I hate sitting in one place, doing only one thing, I have to be doing at least three things at aonce, at all times.

    But other than that, caught the last 5min of "Catch me if you can". It looked pretty good, kinda gutted I didn't see the whole thing. Robocop3 was hilarious, but other things were more enticing

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    Watched Diamonds Are Forever.
    God damn, Bond's pimp hand is way strong in that movie.

    Had many a lolz at the fight scenes and awesome one liners.

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    Madagascar 2 at my cousins place, but I wish I hadn't

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    American Beauty
    Directed by Sam Mendes.


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    a season 5 boston legal episode

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    Battlestar Galactica S4 Ep 11

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    Smaville 8011

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    Two girls and a whole lotta loving

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    Top gear 10x04

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    Over the Hedge.
    I'm not the girl your mother warned you about

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    Die Hard 3

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    Dead End, old school cheesy horror film, attempted to watch the rocker but didnt happen

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    Slayer wrote:
    Dead End, old school cheesy horror film, attempted to watch the rocker but didnt happen
    Hey Dead End isn't that old and it isn't that cheesy! not half as cheesy as all the slasher films out there.

    I do however admit I watched it a couple years ago... so my memory might not be as good as I remember

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    House, S02E15.

    FFS BRING ON THE REST OF SEASON 5 ALREADY :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:

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    mad men season 1 and the soup (f**king funny especially the bit on 'tool academy')

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    Cidade de Dues, finally.

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    Varis wrote:
    Smallville 8011
    Yeah, same here. Was a pretty mint episode.
    I hate it when I can get to a point where I'm all caught up with the US aired episodes...aarrgh