What was the last thing you watched?

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    The wolf's call

    Awesome French submarine movie.

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    I ma watch that tonight

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    Haisley wrote:
    The wolf's call

    Awesome French submarine movie.
    awesome movie recommended,one of the best sub movies ever
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    I watched Puncture last night, Chis Evans as a junkie lawyer who was trying to do a case against one of the healthcare providers in the states by trying to get hospitals in the states to stop reusing syringes and get in those "safety needles" Kinda interesting flick for a genre I'm not really into. (Picked it up in one of those $10 for 3 bins at JB hifi)

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    Ins0mn1ac wrote:
    A bit late to the party but just watched The Hitman's Bodyguard on Netflix. I didn't even know about this movie until I heard something about the sequel a couple of months ago lol.

    Really enjoyed it & looking forward to the sequel
    Yeah that movie was actually hilarious, was not expecting that. There's a sequel? awesome

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    Watched Anna today. Wasn't too bad for a action flick with a predictable plot

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    Overlord, not half bad.

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    Not really what I thought it would be. Was expecting get out ish.

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    Toy Story 4 - was pretty mediocre & disappointing tbh. Easily the worst one of the series. Jokes weren't funny & Forkie was a stupid character.

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    Just started watching Arthdal Chronicles. Movie length episodes! Quite cool Korean TV show.

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    Alita Battle Angel - Nothing special but got some enjoyment out of it.

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    Dark (Netflix)

    New favourite. Binged season one the past couple weeks. Up to S2E4 now.

    Love some overly complicated time travel plot.

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    SubJect Dad - On TV3, Josh Thomson reading out emails from his Dad to fellow comedians, I really enjoyed the two episodes so far, must be a generation thing cause his Dad sound exactly like my Grandad, way funnier than it sounds.

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    denj wrote:
    I Am Mother (2019 - Netflix) 7.5/10

    Good performances, interesting premise. I felt they could've made a little more of the story though - it just kind of fizzles out towards the end.
    I was a little bit puzzled about the ending so I did a bit of reading up on peoples interpretation of it.
    It makes a lot more sense when you realise whats happened.
    Check out the reddit thread on it.

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    i am mother

    Good moon 2 return to earth. small budget but well done kudos to weta for special fx. blink and youll miss a few clues.

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    Watched the old school version of The Thing. It's a heck of a lot better than the remake a couple of years ago. Little rough around the edges but damn good special effects in those days!

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    A friend was watching that on Netflix when I was visiting last week. It looks like they have have definitely remastered it. I commented on how all those practical effects would just be shite CGI now.

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    Point Blank (Netflix)

    Never really liked Anthony Mackie. This film doesn't help change my mind. I like Frank Grillo. But his character is just a dick in this. Would not watch again/5.

    Aziz Ansari - right now (Netflix)

    A few chuckles. But no lols were had. I felt sorry for Tyler, and the other guy (Brad?) he heckled.

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    WarZoner wrote:
    Watched the old school version of The Thing. It's a heck of a lot better than the remake a couple of years ago. Little rough around the edges but damn good special effects in those days!
    I remember watching this 20 years ago with some mates on tv (the sunday horror) and when they tested the blood man we all cracked up hard cause they were trapped in the chairs LOL

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    Just started on Happy, Bloody funny and so out there mini tv series. One of the dudes from SVU: Law and Order stars in it. If you're out of stuff to watch and want a gory, funny tv series, Go check this out.

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    Just got home from one of the International Film Festival movies. The Nightingale. Was pretty good Drama flick set in Tasmania in the 1800's or so. Sorta like a revenge drama flick.

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    Haisley wrote:
    Jo Koy - Coming in Hot

    Many lols were had
    Just saw this yesterday. Was hilarious although I think his Seattle show was even funnier. Being half Filipino I can definitely relate to alot of his jokes lol.

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    Someone told me Glass was good so I watched that last night. Shyalaman still cannot make a good movie. Don't waste your time.

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    Watched Aniara. Swedish sci fi flick, damn this was good!

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    Vikings, Vikings and more Vikings. Im sure a lot of you have already watched this but if you havent, its decent.