What was the last thing you watched?

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    Just finished watching Kingdom that was mentioned above. Awesome show & highly recommended

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    Sex Education series - pretty good/5

    Some quite relatable moments.

    Gillian has aged like a fine wine.

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    TatonkaBill wrote:
    Sex Education series - pretty good/5

    Some quite relatable moments.

    Gillian has aged like a fine wine.
    She's so effing hot in this.

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    Elgaria wrote:
    Completely agree.
    Needed zombies.
    have you watched overlord?

    its basically the result of someone saying band of brothers needs more zombies.

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    Yeah overlord looks awesome.

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    Russain Doll - Netflix 10/10 Dark Comedy. Main character keeps re-living her 36th Birthday so good.

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    Await further instructions - funny horror sort of like cube,Escape Room enjoyed it 6/10 B grade

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    Watched Dragon Ball Super: Broly thx to the free tickets from GP. Was pretty sweet

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    Watched Velvet Buzzsaw. Weird arthouse type of thriller, horror flick that's not really a horror flick nor a thriller. 6/10 interesting flick none the less but needed a bit more ommph on story and editing.

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    Girl in the spiders web

    A new dragon tattoo story. Just terrible. Felt like it was trying to be mission impossible. Way too technology action focussed.

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    Abducted in plain sight on Netflix.

    Wildest shit i've ever seen.

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    DirtySlave wrote:
    Abducted in plain sight on Netflix.

    Wildest shit i've ever seen.
    Yep. Sick weird shit.

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    The void - sci fi horror

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    The Redpill. Why this was controversial when released is beyond me. It's quite impartial and gives multiple view points. Some people have an opinion before even watching it.

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    I watched the rest of the documentary La 92 I been putting off really triggered my racist side

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    Since I'm a big fan of horror movies, I watched this:

    A Quiet Place - A family is forced to live in silence while hiding from creatures that hunt by sound. more info / youtube trailer

    Totally enjoyed this one and I pray they make a sequel! The end blew me away. Will watch this one again.

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    BZP wrote:
    The void - sci fi horror
    Added to my watch list thanks

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    it's a sort of 80's horror not great but worth a watch imo 5/10

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    Watched Polar last night. Man the main villain looked as if he was from the 80s lol but gloriously violent.

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    So on a bit of Korean movie binge,

    Highly Recommended The Witch Part 1: Subversion 8/10
    Unstoppable 7/10
    Ode to my father 7.5/10
    V.I.P 7/10

    Oh and avoid Steve Yuen's movie Burning... it's awfully slow and the story was boring.

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    Bohemian Rhapsody, so good. Rami was great. Created a queen greatest hits playlist as soon as the movie finished!

    Mortal Engines. Pretty bad... Struggled to watch the whole thing.

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    ^my subsconscious keeps playing Queen music in my head ever since i watched that movie. Not that that's an indictment on the quality of the movie or anything.

    I recently watched the royal tennenbaums superhero AU (Umbrella Academy). There were some parts that were pretty sweet, but in trying to deconstruct certain genre tropes, parts of the story seemed too familiar.

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    3 great Horrors of 2018:

    The Endless ( 2018 )

    CAM ( 2018 )

    Mandy ( 2018 )

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    Just started watching Night Flyers DAmn this is good! sorta has a Event Horizon thing going on. Might have to check out the book that it's based on.