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    Anyone feel free to add me if you're keen for Fifa Battlefield COD or any of the other popular titles


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    add me too please! will play any and all games add if you're keen to play

    Gamertag: Rykon nz

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    add me: fortnzf

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    Add me up for Halo 4 and the odd game of BF3 (but mostly Halo at this stage).
    Always keen for more Kiwis/Aussies to play with, most of my IRL mates don't game - so it's nice to add more people to the list

    GT: Ivory Samoan

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    Halo 4 and Far Cry 3 currently. Always happy to play with fellow Kiwis.

    Gamertag in signature.

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    True Don 88

    Mostly play Forza 4/Halo 4.

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    Don't have live atm but it's the same as my forum account: FiredogNZ

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    Mine is leevstheworld

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    in signature.

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    Add me if you want a game on 360 or XO.


    at the moment.

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    mines: mexmatekk

    Hyper Fighting II turbo, Super Street Fighter II turbo HD

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    Not sure why I've never added/seen this thread before: add me for the odd Titanfall on X1 and upcoming shooters/Borderlands Pre-Sequel and related fun times.

    GT: Ivory Samoan

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    Hey guys add me x1 , titanfall atm and any new games coming out, will add u back
    GT: TboiTheCreator
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    Good Job

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    Add me H4PPYS0NG playing wold of tanks and overwatch.

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    Add me for most games. I get nearly everything. I have problems. Evntualdecline

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    Add me defkeen - Only have forza horizon 3 & forza 6 atm

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    ALL BLACKS vs LIONS Live Streaming free-3RD Test on your PC, laptop, Mac, Ipad, Tab, I-phone Android device.

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    GT = binarymofo
    add me if you wish!

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    GT is oDANGERUSSo Add Me