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    Spadgenz -

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    Hey man - can you please change my username to Fakesound

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    done for both

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    Epox wrote:
    Hello everyone, lets build a scene!

    In an attempt to try and get the GP dota community (in all its not so known glory) to band up together, i propose we compose a list of our usernames and if possible, email addys to spark things up a bit.

    The whole idea is that we actually start to build a community, start clans, organise wars and so on.

    The general gist is that you post your Garena username and/or email IN THIS THREAD and i will add it to the list making it nice and simple for all our lovely allstars to get gaming which one another!

    Even if Garena aint your thing, you can still drop your email address so others can get in contact with you

    Poviding this takes on and things actually start to happen around here, i would be more than willing to look at organising events and requesting to GP admins that we get DOTA clan forums and so on, all we really need is support from all our fellow dota players

    Don't hate, appreciate




    Epox - -
    superman - -
    Cam_NZ - Cam_NZ
    nivosus - flymykite
    hippie-stoner - Hippie-Stoner
    Snoop - SnoopJmc -
    drown - ackbar
    Beebegun05 - Beebegun05
    buck_dich - FinestVestige -
    Fakie - Fakesound -
    Hallucinogen_ - hotjapanesegirl / jnockss
    willeh - NINJAwilleh
    Mogno - Mogn0
    pharex - Considine
    pindleskin - klpz
    Decado - neoberi -
    Kyrie - Seprus -
    EZAS - EZAS -
    spadge_nz - Spadgenz -
    beta - tommos1
    Tricky_Twix - {email}

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    W00dStack (zeros not o's )

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    So what rooms and times do people play - I pretty rarely see games hosted.

    i'm level 4 - and everyone my end is sh!t and feeds/leaves often.

    I've left a couple - I only have 1-2 hours some days, not wasting with a clinkz team mate auto attacking creeps while huskar kills him 3 times... I assume no english either. End up back on Bnet playing EM games as the only ones hosted at 8am - 10am in the morning.

    This sorta happens often ... Sentinel team tell you to move to scourge, then stack the level 20 + players. I'm stuck with level 5's or less on scourge, and they all feed to sh!tdom.

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    Fakie wrote:
    This always happens ... Sentinel team tell you to move to scourge, then stack the level 20 + players. I'm stuck with level 5's or less on scourge, and they all feed to sh!tdom.
    tell me about it . most their wins are low exp since its high level vs low level, but all they care about is having the better win/loss %. also you see some noob ass high level players since they always side with the actually good high level players, so experience is not reflective of how good they are.

    garena so flawed. it should be like warcraft ladder random team, where they even out the teams based on your level/experience instead of just staacking teams with all good players and also have arranged teams for all the clan players. then give seperate ranking system for RT and AT.

    quite a few noobs on garena since they can't play on bnet due copied games and invalid cdkeys.

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    im pretty sick of the groups of ppl who dont use english in chat so u have no idea wuts going on, whether they want to gank or to retreat. i just leave those games. the only time they use english is to tell u that u should have helped or retreated, well how the **** am i suppose to know wut to do if u ppl dont clue me in.

    just annoying really.

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    when people come to your lane from another lane its generally to gank...

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    Or they just put their own lane in the 2 hard parcel lol - Husk+Veno, Axe+Omni

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    I've just been playing Bnet instead and being stuck with less noobs :/

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