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    Prague powder?

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    ^^ You need to learn how to hotlink

    Pink cocaine?

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    Lord_Montgomery wrote:
    Prague powder?

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    I'd be more impressed if it were 100g of pink cocaine

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    Lord_Montgomery wrote:
    I'd be more impressed if it were 100g of pink cocaine
    Might aswell be.

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    Lord_Montgomery wrote:
    Not doom but
    Diggin it

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    i only like gypsy music

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    Listened to The Journey soundtrack a few times through already this week. It's incredible, thanks for posting it.

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    They believe that this type of technology is what the ancients utilized to build the massive structures in which they were capable of making; like the Pyramids of Giza

    l m a o

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    Not quite magnets, but they used similar principles to create a gravity-defying environment in order to move those big blocks. Thats what many modern findings are suggesting anyway. They also used similar technology within the pyramidal structure as a means to purify and revert objects to their original state. Scientists have taken blunt knives into the centre of the pyramid of giza and the blunt knife would literally sharpen itself- it would revert to its original atomic structure.

    Because of this principle, its also widely believed that those pyramids were used to amplify meditation. People would sit within the centre of the pyramid and the energy field within the pyramid would literally help revert them to their original self- or their higher conscious state of being.

    The ancients were able to harmonize science with spirituality , thus was able to create technology almost beyond our imagination that were beneficial to the growth of humanity back in their time era. We are only touching on such things right now!

    Its hard to explain on fb like this but yea hope you kinda get it xD just like to share

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    ... is that somebody on your friends list? Can you call them a retard and then post results please?

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    I saw this comment on a news article a few days ago. Made me rage so much.

    Cancer is a 'cold' disease, meaning there is not enough energy in the cells to do the job. So, what you want to do is restoring the energy levels in the cells, instead of depriving it even more of energy through surgery, radiation, chemo and other chemical treatments.
    It's not only stupid, it's actually the complete opposite of reality.

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    Randomly stumbled on this when trawling through Doom on tubeofU. Not something I'd usually listen to but was kinda cool, thought Skorky/MAC_Hater might dig it

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    Watch Dogs live stream

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    fuzzy2308 wrote:
    Watch Dogs live stream
    Just got taken down.

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    the one time i see a letter to the editor. Its this ****ing idiot who is ranting about vaccines and how there is no conclusive evidence that they are good lol. Apparently they are a healthcare professional and bleh. Another idiot lol.

    ps got a ipad4

    told me a year ago that id ever get a ipad id call you dumb. Now they are amazing

    also watched They Live and realized that all the normals posters are the ghouls/zombies

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    Stream of Consciousness Transfer Station

    I see no need for me to tweet these bitches know my status


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    U a wuss shud Cuba ass nigga


    imma leav dat auto correct imao

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    I cant remember my pass for mega