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    Gerter wrote:

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    fuzzy2308 wrote:

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    TheMango wrote:
    F*ckin lol

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    That feel when you remember things

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    That face when you my feel when

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    lel single again


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    Treat em mean, keepem keen.

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    that face (you make) when so engrossed in sea qualifiers you have nfi when you're going to watch game of thrones

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    That feels when my face feels like the feels my face feels.

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    Dear pie makers

    Your pies were complete **** and I am mad about it.

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    Dear Customer,

    I'm sorry you have had an unsatisfactory experience with one of our pies.

    Stop being a fat ****.


    Pie makers.

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    nah watch GoT

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    imao quasi plays wow

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    what you got against world of craftlore?

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    that's right nothing u mofo 'cuz u can secure le bitches via cheesy pickup lines

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    Nothing. Just didn't expect it.

    Alien blue is amazing omg.

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    mmmmm...synth. dat mid tempo synthpop.

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    tfw toilet problem

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    Gerter wrote:
    Treat em mean, keepem keen.
    6. Discuss the role played by men’s adherence to traditional gender ideologies in the perpetration of intimate partner violence and coercive control.

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    dog walking memes

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    Men who have traditional ideals about male and female roles in relationships are more likely to be physically or sexually aggressive with women. Men can find it difficult to live up to society's definition of manhood and often have low self esteem, insecurity, and other physiological effects from their failure to be "manly enough". Men can act hostile and aggressive towards females as a way to assert their masculinity and prove their manhood.

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    mfw vaccuumed into chrono

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    WoMbO cOmBo