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    Stream of Consciousness Transfer Station

    A thread for people to dump their inane twitterish thoughts so that they can be conveniently swallowed by the gpod landfill. I won't even charge you huge amounts for your trailer-load of crap.

    To start:

    Right now I am making a thread. Will people like it? Will they like me? Who am I? I wish I was Lord Flashheart. Woof!

    edit: apologies to flickr. flickr is in fact a place for peoples stupid party photos.

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    I should've used this thread to ask Mancubus about his avatar tbh.

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    Alas, our threads were destined to be created simultaneously. Or were they.

    What are we going to do today, Brain?

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    It's a trap. Need more tinfoil.

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    Vegrandis is thinking weather is ok, tea is good, futurama is ****ing awesome and still needs a haircut.

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    What's "flickrish?"

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    Not sure but people have been accusing lots of threads of being flickr bs. Maybe I'm mistaken but I assume it's some kind of retarded thing where people blog miniscule events in their lives and stream of consciousness.

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    You mean twitter.

    went for a shower and got wet LoL

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    Googling "Flickr" informs me it's one of the web's first widespread Web 2.0 implementations and it one of the internets largest image and video hosts.

    ^^Oh, Beefy, so it's like Facebook or someshit?

    "Blogs" are shit, seriously, seriously shit. It's like a shitter reality T.V. with out the good looking people and with extra cheese.

    I read one once, but it was full of someone elses (stupid) ideas so I closed it.

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    lol i joined twitter last night... the news tweets combined with twitterfox are handy.

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    Debating whether or not to make an appointment for the dentist, also have to shower, shave, wash clothes, dry clothes and play some Resident Evil 5.

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    I was just browsing mighty ape's specials. Heaps of sweet games for cheap. Probably going to buy a couple.

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    I'm eating a memphis meltdown.

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    This thread is crap, I wonder why everybody is participating.

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    Sounds like I meant twitter. Man twitter sounds such an apt name for it. Combines twit and natter. I love twit-nattering.

    Lunch is a good idea. I should make something, or be lazy and walk the 30secs to BP to get a pie.

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    Mettler wrote:
    This thread is crap, I wonder why everybody is participating.
    Transfer stations usually are full of crap. Just thought it could be a useful place to keep some of the crap in a neat crap-pile.

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    should be going to my tutorial, meh

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    I really can't be ****ed reading this thread but i'll post anyway because ... well it doesn't really make sense I don't know any of these people and I don't like them, so I'm really just posting for myself which is retarded.

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    J`` wrote:
    I'm eating a memphis meltdown.
    I am now thinking of J eating a memphis meltdown~

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    Are psychological novels good? I'm not sure if I see the use of looking inward so intensely. I should give Ulysses a go though, my brother reckons it's a tough one.

    Whats up with people who only read non-fiction?

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    why do i eat so much shit when i want to lose weight?

    why do i find it so hard to just concentrate on work, and instead waste time doing internet shit like GPOD .

    i wonder if resident evil 5 is any good. will i like it even if it is considered good?

    why do i always have such an itchy nose. i wish i was a booger eater. i would constantly have my favourite food with me all the time.

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    **If only i was a Predator, or at least a Cat.**
    (actually i think about that a lot these days. )

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    I've been spending far too much time visiting and RFC. As a side note, I wonder how Cynos's kidney stones are developing today.

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    Having a drum kit in your flat is maximum fun times. Student neighbours all round so noone really cares. I think our neighbours played some ridiculous game the other day. Spin the Goonbag, wine bladder on the spinning washing line. It plays out the same as spin the bottle except your drunk as neighbours smash down their fence and break one of your windows. They rebuilt it all the day after though and got us a new window, fence is pretty rungled looking now.

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    BeefyBurgers wrote:
    A thread for people to dump their inane twitterish thoughts..
    i thought that was the purpose of GPOD
    ...why restrict myself to one thread?

    speaking of 'stream of consciousness':
    imo, that would be a good description of my posting style

    speaking of 'twitterish':
    my favourite twitter resides amongst these