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    that feel when you're vaccum walled into a chrono while getting hit by death totem, natures wrath and an aa blast

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    Buffy Summers wrote:
    lel single again

    bl >__< why happened

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    Turns out nothing happened, I'm just socially retarded (literally), and that got amplified big time because I've had > 3 hours sleep and completely misread what was said --she's confused at how avoidant and non-communicative I've been lately and I somehow misread the conversation as us being over.


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    Final SODTS

    Withering inside
    within these final moments
    torn from my feeble gaze
    are the visions of what were to be
    A merciless chill within these incessant winds
    embraces this already blackened spirit
    cursed, and lost in it's own aridity
    Loathing, and shattered by disbelief
    Nightfall shall be perpetual, poignant as it declares
    in the distance, a bell - harbinger of demise

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    Gerter wrote:
    Treat em mean, keepem keen.
    It might be going a bit far if they are using a Stanley knife

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    mfw that fight at rosh

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    Korea is so based

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    I hoper you have the korean commentators on

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    I ate to many dim sims

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    Restaurant or frozen ones?

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    Scored a Bottle of Lindeman's Bin 40 Merlot $8 at countdown, gota love that price

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    I mute it and listen to Waga talk on stream

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    Vietnam stream snipe

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    reported vietcong

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    i'm jealous of you guys watching le sea quals

    stuck doing assignments r i p

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    Why u here then?

    Lol at the stream snipe, and fail Korea.

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    c-c-can't keep my finger off the pulse

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    The End.