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    Gerter wrote:
    Lol just read a quarter of them, does he make it to the Frat party?
    Yup ^_^

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    Gerter wrote:
    Lol just read a quarter of them, does he make it to the Frat party?
    It doesn't load the last 106 for me, has that happened to anyone else too? So keen to read it.

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    they load for me, hope this helps.

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    Nvm it works in Chrome.

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    geepuser189727 wrote:
    These new boots are murdering me. It's not the fit, it's the padding around the ankle. I feel like I'm all bruised underneath it and it's high up so I'm not used to it. Any suggestions?

    I had a pair of boots like this for six months when I was 14 and I seem to remember the situation never improving.
    Just wearing in my new work boots. No skin just under the ankle on the outside of both feet. They are leather calf-length molten metal proof ones so not exactly designed for comfort.

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    I shouldn't be encouraged by that story...

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    i'm gay

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    -e- ^^WTF UMAGA!?!?!?!

    Truly magical.

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    Shame on him, he got last post of the page

    Minimal effect.

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    Thank god the internet at work is so slow. The image didn't fully load. >_>

    Also thank god for new page.

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    Umaga wrote:
    Hahah wow.

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    I'm not the girl your mother warned you about

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    It's ok guys

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    Toni Marsh needs to stop appearing on TV

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    This another story that is damn awesome. Kid wants to get at teacher so doses his coffee with LSD while they are on a field trip, teacher decides to go along with it without telling anyone.

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    I'm wondering if...

    A: He's doing a Proctor style rage-quit and has substituted that pic for penisbird.


    B: He's left his account logged in and somebody is having a laugh at his expense.

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    I missed picture

    I see cloaker has edited though.

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    What was the picture of?

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    more cute animals to cure eye wounds

    I feel like an internet field medic

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