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Which One Would You Choose?

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Polk Headset
3 60.00%
Turtle Beach Headset
2 40.00%
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    Which One?

    Hello People

    The Xbox One headsets are hitting stores next month, and i am unsure which one to get.

    Polk Audio 4 Shot Gaming Headphones - Click on the link to find out info

    Turtle Beach Ear Force XO Seven - Click on the link to find out info

    Does anybody have an expert opinion on which one is better?

    Much appreciated


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    Related good read:
    I'm just buying the adapter and using my X11's.

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    I have the Polk Melee which is essentially the same headset as Polk 4 shot but without the wireless adapter. Polk will send out the free wireless adapter to existing melee owners free of charge. I currently use the Melee with Xbox One and my Smartphone. Sound is really good, loud and clear on the smartphone but its not as loud as I want it to be on the console due to the mix amp it comes with. I am hoping once the wireless adapter is installed, volume issue will be sorted as it will bypass the mix amp then.

    Build quality is very good as well.

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    Somewhat related, is the soundbar worth getting? Currently only using tv speakers, or should I invest in a HT setup?

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    Soundbars do work. They are like a poor man's HT setup. If you are not a big audiophile, Soundbars are perfect.

    Go to your local HiFi shop or Harvey Norman and test the audio quality. Harvey Normal also stock various Polk soundbars.

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    So is there any adapter I can use that my normal 558's can utilise? They work excellently while plugged into the PS4 controller

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    After much thought, i'm going for the Turtle Beaches. I will reply back with my thoughts once i have received them.

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    Hey Guys, just received my new Turtle Beaches today from Mighty Ape. Thought i would snap a couple of photos to show you guys.
    Will try these bad boys on tonight.

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    Hey guys, giving you an update on those Turtle Beaches i purchased ^^^
    I put them to good use on the weekend just gone, i played BF4, FIFA 14 and Spartan Assault.

    They are absolutely worth the $300 i payed for them.
    They are comfortable, they block out the noise fantastically, and the sound quality is perfect.
    If anybody plans on getting a new headset for their Xbox One - I recommend these Turtle Beaches.

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    These are different aren't they?

    Amazon also have the Turtle Beach XO Seven for ~180NZD with free shipping so maybe worth a look for those interested.

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    Picked up the xbox one stereo headphones yesterday. Nice for the price imo.

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    I agree with tungsten, got hold of the xbox one stereo headphones, and have been using them every night this week, impressed with the sound and build so far.

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    Picked up the XO Sevens for $240 at Noel Lemmings. The Polks apparently have microphone issues so avoided them.

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    Analgia wrote:
    Picked up the XO Sevens for $240 at Noel Lemmings. The Polks apparently have microphone issues so avoided them.
    The Polks did but they couriered me an add-on free boom microphone that attaches to the headset to fix the issue temporarily until Microsoft releases an firmware update to fix the microphone built into Polk's headsets.