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    • Gameplanet Servers:
      All of our gaming servers are proudly hosted by Xnet -
      This means if you are with Xnet, you can play on our servers for free!

      A list of servers can be found at
    • Gameplanet Steam Community:
      You can join the Steam Community here, this is a good place to find admins who are online.
    • Gameplanet Bans:
      Our servers run from sourcebans at - if you have found a cheater or would like to protest a ban you are able to do so here.

      The servers also run bans from so if you are not listed on our banlist you may need to check here.
    • Gameplanet Stats:
      From this database every kill is recorded right down to the part of the body you hit.
      Try accessing this database from in-game with commands like "rank" "place" "top10" or "session".
      Anyone who is banned is removed from the rankings each night when the awards are generated.
    • Gameplanet Booking Servers:
      Booking servers are available at

      If you would like an account you will need to register on the website.

      Only one application per clan please, and it needs to be from the team leader. Applications could take a few days before they get approved - if you have applied but still not heard a few days later please post in the gameserver forum.

      Currently booking servers are available for:
      Counter-Strike 1.6
      Counter-Strike Source
      Natural Selection
      Team Fortress 2

      If you have a server booked, it won't show until the booking start time, where it will spawn your server on the specific IP and port.

      CS:Source servers run warmod so you can gain access through this. You may need to request for the admins to be changed in the forums.

      Please don't book a server if you're not going to use it, or book out a whole day at once.
      Steam based admins:

      Ard Choille - STEAM_0:0:22771 - CS:S - CS - TF2 - DoS - CSSM
      Ard Righ - STEAM_0:1:25426364 - TF2
      B!ggles - STEAM_0:1:13164086 - DoS
      BW - STEAM_0:0:149437 - CS:S - CSSM
      CraZeD - STEAM_0:0:8416942 - TF2 - DoS
      DarK-ForcE - STEAM_0:0:6783 - CS:S - CSSM
      dEkOdE - STEAM_0:1:2860283 - TF2
      gimp - STEAM_0:1:4047355 - CS:S - CSSM
      jihad - STEAM_0:1:120469 - CS:S - CSSM
      Little Ninja - STEAM_0:1:9538575 - TF2 - CSSM
      maha - STEAM_0:0:5366741 - TF2
      minksling - STEAM_0:0:9847342 - DoS
      Naykd - STEAM_0:1:2238451 - CS:S - CSSM
      PaintedDeath - STEAM_0:0:11812673 - TF2 - CSSM
      shade - STEAM_0:0:5905537 - CS:S - TF2 - CSSM
      SOLDIERBALLZ - STEAM_0:0:18056451 - CS:S - CSSM
      sp" - STEAM_0:0:5316825 - TF2 - CSSM
      Spartan ^OFC - STEAM_0:1:11681804 - DoS
      svglol - STEAM_0:0:3683119 - CS:S - CSSM
      toM - STEAM_0:1:2415052 - CS:S - CS - CSSM
      tomtard - STEAM_0:1:2932145 - CS:S - CSSM

      Other admins:
      AdZ - MOHAA
      Linx - MOHAA
      Pastorius - MOHAA
      Puffin - MOHAA
      Riftcreator - MOHAA

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    Can someone please change some of the older games (no one is on these server and worst even play these games anymore ) in please update the game server to some newer games such as Battlefield: Bad Company 2

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    Id like to see more maps on Gameplanet CS Source (A) server.
    Like my fav de_tides, and de_chateau, maybe cs_Militia cs_italy too they are the better maps out there.

    I am trying to play on this server more.. Sometimes we even get 32 peeps playing. it awesome. but map rotation isn't good enuf.

    Add those maps and it'll be sweet.

    Cheers Guys

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    Sup everyone.

    How many guys still play TF2 regularly. I am getting back into it in a big way and would be keen if we can get some games going everynight. I have been playing on Aussy servers and I am so sick of little kids spamming mics ect.

    Anyway, Shade has organised a 24/7 dust server. How many guys are keen to jump on and try own me

    Add me on steam friends : Phunk
    See you ingame!

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    sE/sonsee - STEAM_0:1:114062 - CS:S

    shot shade

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    Hey Shade, was wondering could gameplanet host a garrys mod 13 server, i have hosted them in the past very easily and are a lot of fun to the people who love this game. they are not intensive on servers at all really and require little admin. so i was wondering would you guys be keen?

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    Need new admins for mohaa server no admins active at all

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    I agree with Venom
    please allow him or sumone else to admin this server
    there arnt that many players left in Aus and NZ with an un admmined server being only real option we are forced to to play in adminned US servers, giving us all 250+ pings
    Venom, trojan , killjoy and Ray are 4 players ive know to have played for years and seem trustworthy, please pick 1 or more of them and give them adminship. Im sure Venom could suggest others too

    I dont think you know what its like to snipe and 250+ ping

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    People happy for the server to have reborn patch added?

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    What isit?

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    I am getting admin abuse from

    (public ip:
    # 58 "Kiwi" STEAM_0:1:29142496 45:48 52 0 active

    And he's not in above admin list...

    Constantly silencing me and slaying other players.
    I spammed the admin forum and all i got was a custom tag telling me I'm a tool

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    =C= wrote:

    Constantly silencing me and slaying other players.
    Was that when you were giving me shit, after a warning? You were gagged, and when I gag trouble makers, I expect them to be gagged for remainder of round. If you rejoin to ungag yourself, I regag you and continue the proccess until the games resets.

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    Hey all

    My Question is regarding the MOHAA Server (Gameplanet NZ -- New Zealand -- MOHAA (A) FFA @

    This server has been active longer then i have been playing for (going on 4 years or so now), and it is currently sadly outdated, lags more then playing on a US server with 200+ ping.

    There are currently no admins active of late, and since i discontinued running my server in Australia, it is the only server in this geographical location.

    There are still a few of us mohaa players around and would like to see this server more active.

    I HIGHLY suggest it should be upgraded to the unofficial 1.12 reborn patch, it offers crash protection from bugs and enhanced admin system aswell. POST Gamespy shutdown from June last year, this server will no longer be seen on server browsers (except xfire), the reborn patch also has fixes for these whether you choose to install the patch or not. See for more info on the Gamespy closure.

    Most people from the mohaa community know me, aswell as on, so i am more then happy to help set up the patch or guide someone through it, but it is mainly just copy and paste.

    If the patch is not up your alley so to speak, the server is still in need of some admins, and maybe a auto restart every couple of days to reduce lag, but the classic mohaa bugs should be fixed also.

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    hi. i was wondering if someone could answer this simple question. which console is mostly played in new zealand?

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    There are currently no admins active of late, and since i discontinued running my server in Australia, it is the only server in this geographical location

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    molikotigo wrote:
    There are currently no admins active of late, and since i discontinued running my server in Australia, it is the only server in this geographical location
    It's a sign that people should let go and move onto newer games with active playerbases, like CS:GO.

    I don't see the issue with CS:GO, it's pretty much the same game as the CS from 20 years ago.