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    PtP's pics of Blizzard HQ

    PHOTOS by PtP

    Gameplanet's PtP had barely stepped off the plane returning from Los Angeles after E3 when we sent him straight back across the Pacific again, this time to Irvine, California. He was at Blizzard headquarters today checking out... a game... which we can't discuss just yet. (Blasted embargoes.)

    We can however show you some photos of the Blizzard Entertainment campus. (Click here to apply for a job...)

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    Sweet pics

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    Woah, looks so awesome there, also nice janitor closet photo

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    Great pics! Thanks PtP & Egor

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    Awesome flying rabbit thing.

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    I want that model hearthstone.

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    Awesome pics! good stuff.

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    that place seems so damn sweet. would be awesome to see what it would be liek to work there lol

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    woohoo awesome, that would have been a buzz

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    Thanks for the hot guys playing volleyball pics, reow!

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    That wall with over 9000 framed pictures on it is a thing of beauty.

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    New Diablo III art direction revealed!!!

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    Heeeeeey! What's "Legend"?

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    Pretty much a game designers dream come true.

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    Pork Pie wrote:
    Heeeeeey! What's "Legend"?

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    Pork Pie wrote:
    Heeeeeey! What's "Legend"?

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    Lol @ the doodle whiteboard.

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    Vulcan wrote:
    Phew, glad I'm not the only one who noticed

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    EzyE wrote:
    Less laughing, more explaining

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    Pork Pie wrote:
    Less laughing, more explaining
    Legend = Key (as in explaining symbols/parts of a map)

    a table on a map, chart, or the like, listing and explaining the symbols used.

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    A legend dictates what things on the map are.

    See underneath it has meeting rooms in a dark colour and community areas in a light colour. Now look at the actual map. Do you see those colours in certain areas?

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    Mancubus wrote:
    Legend = Key (as in explaining symbols/parts of a map)

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    Nice pics, place certainly does look sweet, but the facilities don't beat EA's from those pics. Still though it's Blizzard which obviously makes it w1n.

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    Next time you are over there can you put my name down for the Janitors job please