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    kopfschuss wrote:
    agreed, jonvy sells shit chinese crap on trademe

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    Subway wrote:
    agreed, jonvy sells shit chinese crap on trademe
    sorry was not aware, im not too onto it with car audio yet lol

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    Then you shoudlnt really post advise in a help for noobs thread you should be taking it instead.

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    This should help me in future

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    Added a few more, let me know if any links are broken so I can fix it

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    #31 ? they are my works main supplier.

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    DEFY wrote: ? they are my works main supplier.
    they even open to the public?
    Needs to stop telling GPOD when he masturbates.

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    #33 is, one of their many sites, admittedly I'm only linking it because I'm one of their dealers.

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    bumping this as it has alot of good links

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    Found this usful, should be stickied.

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    Free Vehicle Wiring Information (includes car alarm, remote start, car stereo, cruise control, navigation, and more)

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    that site is handy as, has complete wiring pinouts for alarms for the E30.

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    Don't know if this is much help but it has a ton of pdf wiring manuals (for not just car audio) found my amp manual here.

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    ^sweet, added

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    posted this 3 years ago :

    really good site to find wiring diagrams. shows the wiring side of the car, and the wiring for the factory head deck.

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    for good retailers on installs and stuff i recommend Sound Q.
    Needs to stop telling GPOD when he masturbates.

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    up dated the main page to have parrot and the 12volt.

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    wanting to get decent audio for van, anyone recommend me a place in dunaz that can get it done? thanks in advance

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    May as well post this here since this thread is up. Looking for a place to install a new sony head deck into a bluebird sylphy, in the North Shore.

    Called up repco but on Wairau but apparently they don't do it there. Tried another place called Carline and they said it would cost 190 bucks to install (that sounds far too steep, more than the stereo costs!). Another place I called was auto safe and sound in Wairau (which the guy at repco recommended). They said it would cost around 80 bucks to install which sounds far more reasonable than carline. Only problem is that they close at 1pm on a Saturday and it wll be pretty difficult to get the car in on a weekday before they close at 5. Anyone know of any other places around the Shore (preferrably close to Glenfield) that do car audio installation? Does Super Cheap auto do this?

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    I've read the thread but haven't seen anything about buying products online?

    Is there a good NZ business website which has reasonable prices? Or is Trademe the best bet for a good deal?

    I did see on the OP an American website, would it be cheaper to buy from there or does shipping cost rule out that option?


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    ^is there nothing in the "NZ Audio Retailers" links on first page?

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    DAXtER wrote:
    how do you rate these guys in terms of workmanship? If people have tried and tested these guys with good results let me know cos i might take my car there next weekend.

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    Personally I wouldn't go there after they tried to hand me back my Caldina after an alarm install with plastic panels scratched and not sitting correctly round the steering wheel then claiming it was like that when they got it.

    Depending on what you need done there's heaps of Wellington people on nzice and/or slap that would do a better job

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    ah true that; slap was the other option, so might book a time with them