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    FUEL reviewed

    Review by James Cullinane

    In post-apocalyptic America, all vehicles will have automatic transmissions.

    A strange lead perhaps, but then this curious oversight by Asobo and Codemasters is a microcosm of FUEL’s larger flaws. Somewhere beneath 14,400 square kilometres of satellite images, Guinness World Record application forms and a thesaurus left open at the entry for “unprecedented”, the team behind FUEL has misplaced many of the fundamentals usually present in a racing game.
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    ahh thats a shame

    it was looking to be something magnificent

    but the moment elastic AI was mentioned i flatlined

    add that to the rest and its not something ill rush out and buy

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    well thats a shame

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    Woah 5/10

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    LOL I knew this was going to suck.

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    Still sticking to RD3, cant beat it. GRID tried and almost did..