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    Patch tonight? seems to think so.

    To be honest it seems to have come around rather quickly.

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    oh i hope so, im chocca full of titanium ore

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    I hope so, epic mounts at 40 yeah? will make RAF even faster

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    Bet my life it's tonight. Wish they would remove the protos now, every scrub and his dog has them.

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    inc 5000 yogg0 kills tomorrow, ruining the progression cycle

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    oh man, not looking forward to patch day again, servers are always down for ages, then they are laggy/unstable and so forth :S

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    Meh it doesn't affect me. I has an all day class tommorow, it's win lose win

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    i think it is tonight, launcher just showed

    World Of Warcraft Client Patch 3.2.0 (08-04-2009)

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    Oh Goody

    I am pretty sure i never finished the last background download

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    yep downloading patch now

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    Starkey wrote:
    yep downloading patch now
    ^^ same

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    siege wrote:
    ^^ same
    nice speed too just over 800kb/s

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    it went really fast for me, like 1.6mb :S

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    5mb to go, dum de dum

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    Already patched, gogo pre-downloader.

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    zomg shaman healers will be good again

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    whea r survers?

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    Oh man I damn well hope so I cann afford a flying mount.

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    Soan wrote:
    Already patched, gogo pre-downloader.
    your right, sweet downloading now!

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    Well that didn't take very long. the last patch took an age for me to get.

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    I keep getting to 90% then the downloader closes and i have to start again O_o

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    100% for meeee

    @ ramza, try deleting the file from your wow folder and redownloading from the start again.

    Yeah dk got nerfed so much they reset all talent points.

    My lock hasn't gotten nerfed, if anything I've got various improvement, mostly pet related, but it all helps.

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    lol mad yogg nerfs. at least shaman got some nice changes, looking forward to having a bit of a play around with it

    my update is going pretty quick as well ;s only 4 minutes to go. didn't get to dl much from the background downloader prior to this either