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    KillaMel wrote:
    Seriously doubt he'd do rap and I was just giving an honest opinion.
    You're a rap fan?

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    yeah, who mentioned rap?

    lyrics aren't only in rap music.

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    Man i've been reading cynos as Cry-nos all these years

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    The singing & guitar was good, just didn't make a whole lot of sense to me and didn't bring the lulz like the others.

    The quality of the new ones is much higher. I'll try think up something for the rock genre, I mention rap because it's much easier to fit lyrics to and yes I enjoy certain types of it.

    Edit: I think I could come up with something to the lyrics to guns and roses get in the ring or motörhead ace of spades, if they're easy to do.

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    Where is Cynos' reply to this thread

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    Cynos is busy crying himself to sleep.

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    KillaMel wrote:
    I mention rap because it's much easier to fit lyrics to and yes I enjoy certain types of it.
    Ha, cool. Wouldn't have picked you is all

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    Because she is female?

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    PtP wrote:
    Because she is female?

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    neg on the rap

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    Oh wow.


    Quasi Elvis.

    I love you.

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    Cynos wrote:
    Obligatory reply is obligatory.
    cynos is a ***!

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    skrillz wrote:

    Been here since the great crash, still no tag

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    I wrote Mutton Said based on a couple of lines that Hammy randomly busted out. The part ending with "a nude spread of your mum"

    Good times.


    Cynos is a *** is really good.

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    you have wayy too much time on your hands ae

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    I like his old stuff better than his new stuff

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    imo he sold out

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    I liked him before he became mainstream

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    ahahah too funny.

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    Excited about this for when I get home

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    Nicely done Quasi.

    I hadnt heard those old ones in forever, was lol hearing them again. MOAR!

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    Have my babies!