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    sup noobs im back with my bs 20 ping and bad aim

    steam is being a mug and not showing me any servers.. 1.6 that is. hook em up eh?

    whos keen to kick it 1.6 stz.. maybe even start up GO again for 1 game a week or something

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    More dead then all your limp dicks

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    whats 1.6? :P

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    Sup justin we all play source im on a TF2 break atm though :P i keep saying ill play in weekends but theres just too much sport to be watched.

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    Its just me and sm playing And even then I haven't played in ages, still good though.

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    cheer hows the kid(s?) stevo. sup bzE!

    whats new boys

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    hes good keeping me busy hes turning 2 in a month or so he gets sick heaps and i always seem to catch every thing he gets ive run out of sick leave at work ! pretty gutted

    I seriously think you guys should come play tf2 its way more fun if you just wana pub !!! COME COME COME

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    good to hear mate

    hmm got a spare account?

    ill try sus it

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    sup homes.. its getting quiet round these parts

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