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  1. Yelling

    Win an Xbox 360 with Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2!

    You don't have to be a super hero to enter this competition - but you'll feel like one if you win it! We have an Xbox 360, three copies of Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 and a huge stack of Marvel stuff to give away.

    The Xbox 360 Arcade console is everything you need to hit the ground running. Plug in the console and connect the wireless controller and you're playing. Comes with a wireless controller, and 256MB of memory.

    As well as the console and three copies of the new Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 game, we also have two copies of each of four Marvel DVDs to give away: The Invincible Iron Man, Doctor Strange, Ultimate Avengers and Ultimate Avengers 2. But that's not all - there's also six awesome Marvel collectible figurines to be won: Hulk, Iron Man, Iron Man (Stealth Ops), Human Torch, Hand Ninja and Green Goblin.

    These prizes (over $1000 value) will be spread between three winners - check out the list on the competition page. Just click through, answer the question correctly and you'll be in the draw to win!

    Enter the competition now!

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    Easiest 360 i ever won

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    First 360 I ever won

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    Ah here's the one I'm going to win.

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    Good Luck all, but i hope it win it too

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    Cool prize

    First game was good fun

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    Cant wait to get it in the mail

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    Oooh entered!


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    mint prizes!

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    This will be my 5th 360 Console.

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    9cent / t1n man - Was that a deliberate attempt to make people think that it's already been won?

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    Cheers Egor for always running such sweet competitions

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    In for the win

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    If I win this can I put a hard drive in it? afaik the arcades don't have one.

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    you can buy an xbox360 hard drive add-on.

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    Yes, hard drives can be used with Arcade model Xbox 360s.

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    .ePrix wrote:
    9cent / t1n man - Was that a deliberate attempt to make people think that it's already been won?
    lol no, just overly optimistic, but I like the way you think oh pure evil genius one

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    whens the winner announced? Closes today.

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    Entries close at midnight tonight

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    sweet just waiting on my winning email now

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    There must be some kind of mistake. I haven't received any confirmation of my win. Maybe it got filtered to my spam folder?

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    So who won?

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    Winners are?.....