What did you do to your car today?

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    The "Oil Level" light on the check display comes on after about 500mL's

    I also think it's about 500mL-1L of coolant for that warning light too.

    Amazingly pointless info, but I wouldn't rely on it, nothing beats phisically looking.

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    Have not touched it today as of yet.

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    nothing much today but the last week

    put new side speakers
    GReddy boost gauge
    booked my car for a new apexi full exhaust system

    going to buy HID head lights sometime next week, not too sure where is the best place to get them tho

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    I put a trust gear knob in my evo a few days ago?

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    Skilfil wrote:
    I didn't know E30s did that? Mind you in my mates BMW that we killed it had half the lights on anyway.
    I just took it as malfunctioning lights lol coz the oil was fine everytime i checked..

    The coolant wasn't though

    There was always something going wrong with the cooling system it seemed to spring a leak in a different place every week..

    Btw here's what i've done to my car in the last 2 days..

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    Tinted my windows a few days ago, easier than I though. Just waiting on my 5% ones for my van.

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    Fixed a sticky brake, ended up costing me $450 cause had to take it to the shop twice and the second time it was completely rebuilt

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    Made the effort to buy a boost gauge, now cbf mounting it in

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    Just finished making and fitting a front lip & repainting all trim pieces etc atm.
    Shit I my car. Time for a skid.

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    Took the supercharger out on Monday.
    Was making quite a racket. Supercharger is still in good condition, pulley had broken bearings.

    Turbo power going in.
    Anyone want a write up of the progress in the Projects section?

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    Do it quirky.

    In other news, I acheived alot today with my car. I jumped in it, fired it up, and drove to work.

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    dstruktiv wrote:
    I don't have a car

    Buy my corolla. you'll never be short of something to do on it

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    antil33t wrote:
    What did you do to your car today?
    I drove it.
    I spammed the admin forum and all i got was a custom tag telling me I'm a tool

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    Roadskin wrote:
    What do you do if it gets misty?
    Demist 'er

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    Looked at it. Need to do oil, bulb for sidelight, clutch fluid, shocks, brakes (Pads + fluid), flush cooling system and sort out a wheel alignment.

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    skrillz wrote:
    Just finished making and fitting a front lip & repainting all trim pieces etc atm.
    Shit I my car. Time for a skid.
    What car do you have?

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    Hmmmm, in the last week or 2 the MR2 has decided it wants yet more new \ upgraded items to feed it.

    - rebuilt the steering rack
    - new poly bushes all round
    - new front lower ball joints
    - new rear tyres
    - cooling system flush
    - oil change
    - brake fluid change
    - fuel injection system flush
    - new fuel filter
    - new SARD Fuel pump and SARD regulator
    - added a MOMO "race" wheel
    - full polish with Pinnacle wax

    Add to all the previous stuff done in the last 2 years and the car will be new soon.

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    I took my mondeo in for a service if thats any help

    I acquired the temporary use of a toyota townace van from the late 80's... win on wheels!

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    Just got cert last week, waiting on tag to arrive, took for wof check on monday and it passed!

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    Replaced the passangers side door, switched the lock barrel to the one from my old door.
    Realised my key fits the barrel of the replacement door.

    Will now take it for a drive to see if anything falls off/is wobbly/makes terrifying sounds.

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    I got a warrant and a transmission flush also cleaned the headlights with autosol. Looking to replace the stock sub next with a slim pioneer 10".

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    DAXtER wrote:
    ^ Cant do that with 4wd
    7krpm launch will work fo sho

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    Skilfil wrote:
    What car do you have?
    Sussed new wheels today, stoked

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    opened the garage door

    looked at the V6 on the floor, looked across to the empty engine bay
    looked back at the V6

    said "Yip"

    closed the door

    i think that counts as effort?

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    Drove it. Thought about getting petrol.

    Someone managed to KO themselves on my camera mount bracket that I havnt taken out of my car yet from trackday, even though I did mention it at least 4 times and it was sitting in front of her face the entire time wrapped in yellow tape. I really should get around to taking it out though.