What did you do to your car today?

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    Got a new updated cert plate.

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    Used up more of it's fuel!

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    Decided I might wash it at some stage.

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    ordered and paided for a 383ci stroker kit from C.O.M.E racing in aussie,should be here in a few weeks,but i will not have it buildit before trackday

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    Swore at my fluctuating, unsteady idle, it's either a leak somewhere or the car has FC disease (sans the power FC).

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    Lifted the wiper blade to read my $200 fine.


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    Drove one.

    Got a call about the other - crank bolt broke whilst re-fitting, and part of it remains lodged inside the crank. was meant to be the very last thing left to do before shipping the car off to get dyno tuned. (FFFFUUUUUUUUUU etc)

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    Lol this is a depressing thread.

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    Better than that other thread about that stupid Trueno.

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    Now I've got the door in I took it for a drive for the first time since the crash.

    Feels a wee bit on the piss.
    Taking it for an alignment tomorrow, hopefully the chassis isn't ****ed.

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    Got a call from toyota, saying they'll replace my coolant draining hose with a coolant holding hose free of charge... mint.

    Silly hose clamps done up too tight cutting into old soft hoses.

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    Got a billet alloy spark plug cover... ill do some adjustments to it tomorrow morning at work before stripping it back ready for painting along with my spare rocker cover

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    drove it. 150kms to go till it reaches 200,000

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    ^6000km to 200k here.

    Went to toyota to get a new weatherstrip for my frameless drivers side window (how expensive could it be?!) Turns out it was 300 bucks so Im just going to have to sort it myself. Was hoping weatherstrip would be the cheap easy option to fix the problem. Guess not

    Booked my car in for $700 of panel&paint work (front bonnet, bumper and 1/4 panels respray+dent removed from door and repainted and small dent in other door removed without damaging paint)

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    Picked up my Rear Swaybar and some of the parts.

    May have to wait upto two weeks for parts from germany

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    Refitted a 6x9" speaker that popped out of my parcel tray after filling up the boot with too much junk.

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    Wof expires tomorrow, Gonna try get a new one with the supercharger still bolted on. Must tidy up car over weekend.

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    Filled up with Force10. Love the Force10. Then I drove it home.

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    Drove to the mechanic to get the allignment fixed, went over a bump, heard a loud chrunching sound, and now it goes in a straight line.


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    Mutton wrote:
    Filled up with Force10. Love the Force10. Then I drove it home.
    damn you people living in bigger cities!

    if i want anything better than watered down 95 i have to drive 300km

    FUUUU and all that

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    washed the car and took it around the block

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    Washed and refitted a bunch of stuff i'd taken off. Then layed a massive skid

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    hadees wrote:
    Just got cert last week, waiting on tag to arrive, took for wof check on monday and it passed!
    Did you get Andrew Ward to do yours?

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    Found a very tidy stock standard low k's evo 4 I may be buying in the next few days