What did you do to your car today?

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    Triple_S wrote:

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    Perhaps the three months rego provided by seller was about to run out. Flick that shit.

    Cut out more rust, welded some less rusty metal in. 80's Toyota life. The more you fix, the more you find to fix.

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    I found that in my Corolla, the glass and tyres didn't rust too badly.

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    Frederick James wrote:
    WTF I thought you liked the Territory? Thought itd become your main wagon due to how comfortable it was?
    Yep we did until we realised that it was a pile of crap. And that's when we stopped using it as a family wagon and just used it on the weekend to tow the salvation army caravan.

    Awd was just a gimmick and completely unusable. Left us in a very tricky situation up in hanmer. 6 speed was good but had to fit a trans cooler even though we barely towed with it.

    Snow chains could only be fitted to the rear wheels, but any chains we tried hit the arches and shocks.

    Had to replace the lower control arms three times. Ball joints are built into control arm and can't be replaced so have to do the whole lot.
    Hood latch cable snapped, headlights fogged up after replacing twice.

    Both rear oem shocks sagged.

    Rattles and creaks were everywhere. behind dash, heatshields rattled, glovebox etc etc.
    Ignition barrel failed and door locks failed.

    I put more money into it then I want to think about but it did it's duty.

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    Can't forget stupid rear seat design, and the horrible tacky leather seats that literally melted in the heat. Steering wheel fell apart and the cruise control stopped working.

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    Wow, what a pile of shit. How long did you own it to get hit with all that?? A mate has one and had to spend like 3.5k on a trans rebuild shortly after purchase.

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    Fragluton wrote:
    Wow, what a pile of shit. How long did you own it to get hit with all that?? A mate has one and had to spend like 3.5k on a trans rebuild shortly after purchase.
    Somewhere around June I think? Then you also add on top that I was getting around 20/22L 100kh around town. Open road was good at about 9/10.

    It was my wife that made the call to sell it, I didn't really want to because I'd already spent all that money to get it up to being a decent car again but no point it sitting there.

    Fired up the old proceed and having been using that over the last couple weeks.
    I actually painted it myself a year ago and it's held up well. Last owner was a painter so it was literally covered in overspray. Even all over the dash
    Just replaced gearbox mounts on it yesterday
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    Yeah that's a pretty bad run then, even for one of those!

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    Fragluton wrote:
    Yeah that's a pretty bad run then, even for one of those!
    I'd heard horror stories from a mechanic mate after I had purchased it and was expecting a few things such as control arms. But was not expecting that much of an investment.

    My ba falcon wagon was awesome only problems I really had with that was again ball joints.

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    Got some Meguires wax today (because the Mothers stuff I wanted was $50 for a small bottle), and gave the Prius a coat of wax (cos selling).
    Quite impressed with the new wax, certainly goes on easier than the Mothers stuff. Though of course, test will be how long it lasts, but hopefully I will be out of that car before mid January, which is when insurance is due on it.

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    The Meguiars NXT is pretty easy to use. I just tried Auto Glym UDS which is also pretty easy to use.

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    I don't think it's the NXT, but I might have to go double check the bottle.

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    I'm deeply confused. I posted up the Tardme link to my Prius for sale on my BookFace page.

    My workmate (who admittedly I don't know super amazingly well) expressed interest in it. This seems kind of bizarre, as his jam is so far as I know, old school cars, stationwagons, and even small motorbikes. Not modern appliances. To be fair, it was New Years Eve, so potentially he might just have been drunk to the point where Prius ownership seemed like a good idea... nothing against Prius', because the two years with the Prius have been the most fuel economic I've experienced (1800cc Prius uses less petrol on the worst economy I've got out of it, than my previous best vehicle of an old 850cc Mira), not a fault in two years, and it's a really comfy ride .... but it just doesn't seem like his bag.

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    New year, new workmate?

    New Year's Resolutions can do strange things to those close to us.

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    Took the old man's V6 Crewman down to Whakapapa for new years. Recorded 10.7l/100km over 540km. Not amazing, but better than the numbers I often see bandied around.

    It's a comfortable cruiser with a huge boot and enough grunt to overtake the slowbies. I reckon a V8 one would be grouse.

    The 4L60E transmission is borderline retarded, but at least the Alloytec is comfortable enough revving its tits off when the trans gets carried away, unlike the old Ecotec.

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    It isn't the the AWD one right? That doesn't do economy any favours, esp with the V8

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    Disinfo wrote:
    It isn't the the AWD one right? That doesn't do economy any favours, esp with the V8
    Nah. Their reputation precedes them. They're easily spotted thanks to the flares.

    The RWD gets an LSD which is more than adequate for our needs.

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    One of the car club guys bought a V6 one pretty new. He says with the fuel consumption, he wishes he'd just bought the V8 So I'm going to guess his driving might be shorter/around town, as he doesn't like to talk about fuel economy

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    I've yet to get a good read on the around town fuel consumption, but so far it seems to be less than 13l/100km. I am pretty careful about economy, though. I'm sure it's very easy to record much terribler numbers.

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    I decontaminated the inside of the Santa Fe. I've figured out that the previous owner liked the following items
    1: Children.....lots of them by the state of the interior
    2: Dogs
    3: Sand, or probably more realistically, the beach

    One day I'll buy a car that was owned by a friendless, childless bachelor/ette and it'll be spotless.....

    Anyways, it's clean enough for daily driving duties now, I also found $2.90 so I'm a happy camper. Now that it's cleaned up, I've kitted it out for workshop/field service use, just need to buy some front seat covers that don't look shit.

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    Oh boy. Dog owner cars [throws up slightly]

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    Took the navigation / touch screen crap out of my CL9 Accord, replaced with standard climate controls. Was plug and play.

    The navigation crap includes a 1/2 DIN sized DVD-ROM. With this gone I now have space for a new head unit. Fun times ahead.

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    Booked in for the test day this Friday.
    Figured its been a while since I've had some fun at Taupo and I'm down there for Superlap so why not

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    Sounds good. Are you still running the Beamer?

    I stripped the signwriting off, cleaned up and listed the Alfa on Trademe.