What did you do to your car today?

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    Got mah pieces
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    Hektik skids on

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    GaR wrote:
    There's no reason to use a sporty seat in a sim rig, since there's no need for lateral support.

    I got a seat from a 1990ish Galant/Eterna from Pickapart, chosen for its comfort. Something lighter would be better for portability, mind you.
    I kind of disagree, if you're playing a rally game or something where you're waving your arms around then having support from your seat helps keep everything relaxed so you can focus on steering. It also means you can be a lazy c**t since it basically supports you just sitting there.

    A decent seat from an economy spec car would be fine for this since (i.e. a 90's Levin seat) many have a bit of lateral padding (but something like an Recaro would still be more comfortable but probably not worth spending $400 vs $30 imo).

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    Unless your force feedback is a good deal gruntier than anything I've used I can't see how it would be an issue. Race seats are useful for dealing with lateral Gs, and **** all else.