What did you do to your car today?

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    Nzldstryr wrote:
    took the b4 for a drive today noticed the front seems a little skettchy under braking, looked and its the standard b4 lca bushings any replacements that last longer then the factory replacements?
    Pretty sure whiteline do lcas

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    Superpro likely do as well. Have to be willing to keep them lubed and live with the possible noise, harshness increase. I prefer rubber in most cases.

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    Bought a Fumoto oil valve for the mighty Prius as I've wanted one for years but never kept a car longer than 2 oil changes

    Amazon sent me the incorrect one so they shipped the correct one for free, then I found out the incorrect one fits the misses car, so will just keep it and be putting them on next time its due for a change, should make it a bit easier for me to keep up with the regular scheduled changes.

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    I bought at the Repco sale, a bottle of Meguires plastic headlight restoration liquid.

    Then put it on my shelf, next to my other bottle of Meguires plastic headlight restoration liquid.


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    Fuel pump died

    Got a walbro one

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    New pump made everything better
    Low load hesitation is gone and its picked up a lot up top
    Suspect the pump was being a **** before it died

    Dropped water out of the radiator and filled it up with proper coolant
    Topped oil up

    I......I think the car might actually be ready and "finished"...

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    Also managed to make new wheels fit with some aimbot tyres
    235 slicks ftwName:  71836083_10214583382999086_849304605685710848_o.jpg
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    Have you played with slicks before?

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    yeah a fair bit

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    Sticky front brakes. Pulled calipers apart and removed corrosion around pistons. Messy and frustrating job with 4 pot calipers.

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    Took the ssv redline to get a wheel alignment today, turns out the front tyres arenít in the best shape. Any recommendations for replacements or just stick with the stock Bridgestone?

    Pretty sure they are 235 40 19ís

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    Probably 245. Michellin PS4's from Hyper are my goto these days but depends on your budget and use. Bridgestone are running a discount atm so may pay to ring a few outlets to get an idea of pricing and see what available in your size.

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    Maybe 245 couldn’t remember off the top of my head I know the rear is 275 35

    It’s just a Sunday car, price wise for I honestly have no idea I figured I’d be paying around $500 a tyre or something close to it

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    I can't image a 235 on that car with that profile and wheel size. Prices usually climb up steeply with bigger and wider sizes. PS4's at Hyper are $448 ea for 245 40 19 and $495 for the rear.

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    Re003 are my current go to for my street weekend car.

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    Spoke to Bridgestone and the ps4 are cheaper than what’s on the car

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    PS4's are also better in every way compared to entry level Bridgestones eg RE003 which are usually around the same price

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    Daynger wrote:
    Re003 are my current go to for my street weekend car.
    I run those for my daily for the last few years. Love them.

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    Oh sorry the prices I got were for the re005 and 003

    fronts for the 005 were like 530ish and rear 730ish 003 wasn’t much cheaper
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    Removed front suspension from car, chopped it in half and will courier it up north to have coilovers welded on and bigger brakes fitted. 200mm rotors and single pot upgraded to 276mm rotors and 4 pots, should help the stopping.

    Just a shame the rest of the car is still in bits.

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    Got my Accord CL9 back from the panel beaters a couple of weeks ago - new rear quarter panel and bumper etc.

    Some minor panel alignment imperfections and the paint is orange peely. However the pearl white colour has been well matched so overall it looks ok. Also the boot doesn't fill up with water so that's a bonus Might be able to fix the orange peel with some light sanding.

    If I was more attached to the car (if it was valuable or rare in some way) then I would probably take it back but it's just a daily, being without it is too inconvenient.

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    Since I dont post in here too much since I suck working on cars and Im bored but can weld and fab. Modified an existing bracket in order to install an ali swirl pot in a legnum vr4

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    Car in the workshop having airbags replaced. Queenstown subaru dealer was going to eventually have me waiting 2 years. Invercargill, 2 weeks.

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    Konev wrote:
    Car in the workshop having airbags replaced. Queenstown subaru dealer was going to eventually have me waiting 2 years. Invercargill, 2 weeks.
    The Takata bags?

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