What did you do to your car today?

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    Eagle wrote:
    Nice, they pretty much always have some sort of discount on. Ive bought 3x lots of same size from there ranging from $750-850 every time. They will need couple of hundred km to wear in and id advise to check the pressures when cold as tyre shops are generally idiots who will over inflate every time.
    Easier said than done, I don't live near a station and don't have a pressure gauge at home (living kind of rural atm which is ****ing cancer)

    Thanks for the tip though.

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    A reputable tyre gauge (eg Accu-Gage) and a bike pump would be better anyway. I check mine cold every couple of weeks and usually top up 1-2 psi if needed. Wouldn't be anymore than $100 and would probably pay it self off over time in my fuel and tire life.