What did you do to your car today?

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    AnotherLeon wrote:
    Yeah, it's not an ideal scenario. You'd really want just a new crate motor, not a rebuild.

    Chatted to the dealer guys today, and they are doing it all slowly, because I'm the first one they've done. So it's not going to be ready until at least Monday. They're very aware that other dealerships are having troubles after the rebuild, so they don't want to cock it up.

    The Yaris is pretty awful as a car, but a great appliance. Stereo picks up spotify really fast on the phone, has a good reverse camera. But the driving experience is ghastly. Dumb automatic, insane light steering, did I mention dumb automatic ....?
    Friend works at a toyota dealership. They had issues there too haha. Not blow up bad but yeah. Took awhile to get it right.

    Easier second time round. They'll get better at it.

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    Wheel repair complete.
    The crack was repaired, and there was a pretty big chunk of curb rash on the outer lip.

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    Motors in and sorta runs but looks like sticking injector is flooding cylinder 2 quite badly.

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    Installed Cruise Control and a new JVC Carplay double din along with a radiopro harness in the all mighty prius.

    I had no idea what a crows foot socket/spanner was until the other day, but thank god they exist! The stop light switch was a proper #### to replace, but that made it a lot easier.

    Air-con and factory reverse camera retained and all steering wheel controls work and looks pretty tidy to boot.