What did you do to your car today?

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    Sat where my engine should be and thought... ****.
    Needs to stop telling GPOD when he masturbates.

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    Paid for my new engine.

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    antil33t wrote:
    Paid for my new engine.
    That's not doing something to your car

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    It is, it's buying it nice things.

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    Drove it.

    Without a single problem or anything to worry about.

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    I started to remove the fuuu'd M20.

    Just got to disconnect the gearbox from the driveshaft and it's associated wiring, then unbolt the mounts and pull it the **** out.

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    Today I specced up a rather tasty gearbox for it. Anyone got a spare 10k?

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    shit 10ks lol

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    Bought new radiator hoses (stock ones had been cut for a gauge sensor ) Also removed gauges from A-Pillar, they looked horey, had to pick up a replacement standard A-Pillar trim piece

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    Wholly shit ball’s you are keen, I was looking at a gearbox for a car the other day that was 5,000 pounds and thought who would spend that on a gearbox, now I know!

    Anyways I’ll contribute.

    Cam belt, tensioner, water pump, thermostat, oil, filter, coolant and bleed… also fitted this pretty strut tower brace. Took me a whole day.

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    Hey look, a non fuuuud M20!

    Looks good

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    I got x 4 brand new tires for my 17" rims and a steering alignment.

    Starting to get my Cefiro ready to be painted by sanding/bogging body.

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    Bought a mitsi windscreen wiper motor, made adaptor plate to fit torana, as didnt clear the new motor. And torana wipers are so slow, so win win!
    Cleaned up brake booster and painted, also fitting a VS SS master cylinder to torana.

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    Warrant and service with a kicker.

    Thought had a faulty light, so went to swap it out, then got to the wiring, found it to be ****ed with from previous swap (done at garage because I didn't do it), blown fuse and blown bulb. Extra $200 over some wires

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    Put the last wussy bosch belt on till tomorrow. My gilmers arrived today so ill be doing that tomorrow

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    Uprated springs in the front of my Typhoon.
    Kings 520 pounders from 450.
    Now looking for some shockers after Xmas.

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    No more engine :0

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    swapped it for a 2009 suzuki swift, drove that 120km down country, swapped it for a 06 Skoda Octavia RS (147kw 2l churbo). **** me that thing's fun to drive

    then drove the skoda to work this morning and swapped back to my shitty little Escudo. Stalled 3 times driving out of the carpark Damn light euro clutch pedals.

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    finish fixing new recaro's for my e30, fitting new shoes balanced and fitted to my weaves, then a wheel alignment.

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    Mmm E30 Recaros.

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    almost got a shagged turbo bolt out of the way >.>

    wondering if will have the time and weather to change the secondary on it

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    Seems quite a few GP'ers have E30s on here.

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    front left tyre had a bulge after i curbed the wheels

    sent to a garage to get it replaced

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    i was gonna say i went to lunch in it but thanks to ****ING BMW Drivers i cant

    now it doesnt look like it in the pic but MR ****ING BMW has parked in such a retarded way that i literally cant get into the car from the drivers side - hes got a good foot and a half on the driver side thats HIS PARK but no he has to get into my park as his just aint enough

    now even if i were keen enough to get in via the passengers side our carpark is such that each car MUST be in the centre or else people cant turn enough to get out - behind me there is another row of cars so you cant just go straight back to make a turn

    so im stuck till MR BMW moves

    its happened about 5 times in the last 3 weeks - not by the same BMW but every time ITS A ****ING BMW


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