What did you do to your car today?

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    I bet they watch you and have lols while you rage.

    And on topic, i'm going to go swap the doors off my car for ones that aren't full of rust
    Oh and paint my rear bumper.

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    Hey MAC_HATER do me a huge favor, go and steal me his transmission plug, I need another one. that'll learn the bastard.

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    Got my front indicators (the ones in the bumper) working. But it still clicks at double speed.

    Tis' a mystery.

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    MAC_HATER wrote:
    i was gonna say i went to lunch in it but thanks to ****ING BMW Drivers i cant
    You sir, are in need of a wrench. Or a good set of keys. Or a plank of wood with nails in it.

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    Or a set of bullbars and a low ratio gearbox (reposition his car for him)

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    got to 199999 in the work ute, as i parked up means my boss will get to hit 200000, bitch

    Not bad mileage for a vy commodore.

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    kopfschuss wrote:
    got to 199999 in the work ute, as i parked up means my boss will get to hit 200000, bitch

    Not bad mileage for a vy commodore.
    Go hook a skid in it before the boss has a chance.

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    Took the rear spoiler off the MR2 and resealed and cleaned under it.
    So much dust between it and the boot.

    It had a tiny leak into the boot. Found out that when the car was painted they just sprayed the spoiler including the rubber seal...

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    Bought new eagle f1 assymetricals for my mr2, 235/40/17's. Ouch. Then got a 4 star alarm installed.

    Funds are a little limiting at the moment

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    Fitted oil pressure and temp sender. Made dummy drop tank out of hard board for engineer to follow.

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    washed the outside of it at work. proper grooming gear ftw.

    still cbf doing the inside.

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    I did this to my silvia the other night.

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    Nice fail. How did you do it?

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    Was driving down the road from the mount egmont information centre, there was a bit of ice on the road and some trees jumped out in front of me.

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    started work on v8 z transplant shell ripped out ,intercooler pipes, hicas system, installed shocks

    for the v8z undone headers, removed radiator , removed dizzy and box, unhooked trans cooler, prep'd engine and trans to be lifted out

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    engine is making a pretty bad ticking noise, gonna go get it checked out tomorrow and see what the deal is

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    I studied wiring diagrams and made up a pin-to-pin adaptor sheet... fun times. Exige also has a roof again so ain't nobody gonna be mistaking that bitch for an Elise no more

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    Tried to undo some threaded nuts. Failed. Raged. Left the garage.

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    **** all today, but yesterday i whiped out the radiator, getting ready to pull the motor out
    Brought some more parts and hopefully ill be getting some end caps to finish off the rear bar next week

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    Lifted the bonnet, stared longingly at the head sitting on the block of the corolla, all nice and shiny. Looked at the pile of dirty engine bits waiting to go back on, thought some more about the chance of snapping TTY headbolts on the third time i've reused them. Thought "**** this", shut the bonnet, locked the shed, went out on the deck and drank some bourbon.

    skrillz wrote:
    threaded nuts.

    aren't all nuts threaded?

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    Changed the heater core on the R34, f******g mission.

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    taped teh AFM cable to the AFM in the corona

    that outta stop the embarrasing event where i boot it to pass someone and the AFM cable falls out causing the car to die in a cloud of epic rich black smoke

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    ripped out brake pedal, booster + master cylinder, front/rear brakes, lines, hubs, bearings.

    Pressed in new front wheel bearings into 5 stud hubs, set up new 6 pot front brake kit and dialed it all in, drilled through rotor hats into hubs and countersunk to bolt hubs to rotors. Bolted up front brakes for final fitment and put 25mm spacers on. Changed rear to r32 2 pots with carbon lorraine pads and dba 4000 rotors.

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    Starting to remove the gearbox.

    Some nutter (not me) put the transmission on wrong, and has stripped the oilpump for it. Now my new engine runs, but I has no gears.

    I need a 3/8" extention bar. or two

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    Got new tyres fitted to new rims.
    Attempted to fit new rims.
    Sometime between 1990 and 2007 toyota changed the offset of their wheels.

    Another set of rims required.