What did you do to your car today?

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    New Brake light bulb!

    Exciting, I know, amirite?

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    crashed my teg into a 325 msport e30 today .. ah well.. needed a new paintjob anyway.

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    antil33t wrote:
    No it isn't.

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    Hrm car has stranded me in the rain for the second time in a week, looks like a new distributor cap could be in order...

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    heard a slight grinding noise from mah back brakes. R/rear disc is munched, and now raping the pad. This is after I passed a warrant, and that was after replacing pads. FML.

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    detonator7 wrote:
    drove it. 150kms to go till it reaches 200,000
    My car is 50 k's from 251,000.

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    antil33t wrote:


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    Due to Evo having low k's cambelt hasn't been done and was just quoted $1350 from Mitsi to get it done. Went back to seller and asked if they'd like to adjust their price a bit and meet me half way, they weren't keen. Looks like I'm going to have to get a wee run about to tide me over

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    Woah $1350.

    It's cheaper to get a ****y V6 FWD belt replaced.

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    **** that.

    Just finished redoing my tail lights, such a mission sanding them back

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    put some perfume on the front seat to cover up ma fart smells

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    got home from airport. opened door of suzuki. decided i couldn't be bothered finding the battery and going for a drive. closed door.

    opened door of landcruiser. decided i probably should've cleaned the Mcd's wrappers out of before i left. smells kinda funky in there atm. closed door.

    bugger this, need sleep. Been awake for 2/3days now, in no state to think about cars.

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    Took car for wof. Failed on lose tie rod and leaking power steer hose.


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    i accidentally revved the truck at an intersection and put a huge smokescreen into the cab of some minitruckin homies directly behind me

    and by accidentally i meant deliberatly

    and by deliberatly i meant numerous revvings

    its the small things in life that make you happy i find

    its not my fault their sakked out homie mobile's windows were level with the exhaust tip of the truck i was driving - its their fault for lowering it to such a retarded height

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    Reassembled my subframe which is finally toe & camber adjustable

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    Put some S15 wheels on:

    Tyres must be worn strangely though as its pulling left now, grrr

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    Reached 200,000kms!

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    L33t_WaRRioR wrote:
    crashed my teg into a 325 msport e30 today .. ah well.. needed a new paintjob anyway.
    damnit didnt even rark up one of you e30 guys... fail

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    Where the pictures

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    Yeah, where are the pictors

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    He's just shit stirring lol..

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    Fixed my amp up, its mounted on the backseat, somehow two of my top screws became stripped and the amp was hanging from two screws. Now its secure

    And bought some velcro dots, put one on my MP3 Player, one on the little dash next to the drivers door. Now I can change songs without having to fumble with the little shit, just press. Who said you need to shell out for an ipod holder

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    Fitted sway bars to silver bullet and got everything done that it failed for WOF and bought LS1/6 speed/headers/starter/mounts/clutch kit for Hatch

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    Paint stripperised headlight surrounds and brackets, neutralising/cleaning up rust at the mo, then maybe paint this afternoon.

    Fairly tedious/boring work

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    Pulled out Oil pressure switch, realised it's ****ed.
    Have to wait till monday till I can go get pricing.

    at least it only takes 15min to change.